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Grace Home Beeswax Candle - Fig, Sandalwood, & Grapefruit 210g

  • GRACE HOME is an exciting line of home products that espouses the characteristics of quality, elegance, and style. The items being developed are all personally conceptualized by the founder, subjected to her stringent standards of the best way to create a home that is warm, inviting, luxurious, and cozy.
  • Grace shares this about her third candle, "This Grace Home Candle is sweet and luxurious, and like the other two before it, potent enough to fill an entire room with its distinct scent. The three elements come together beautifully as a luscious fragrance, formulated with both men and women in mind. Fig gives a very subtle but rich scent, while Sandalwood creates an uplifting and energizing mood all around and Grapefruit leaves you with a very cooling and refreshing effect."
  • FIG, SANDALWOOD, & GRAPEFRUIT CANDLE  - Invokes a sweet charm that combines the ambience of a cozy home and the feel of luxurious holidays. It comes with a unique marble top (no two marble stones are alike) that is both decorative and practical. This marble top has many uses: as a lid (preserves the scented oils of the candle and makes it last longer), as a coaster (to protect the surface where the lit candle is placed on), and as a snuffer (a safer way to extinguish the flame). 
  • PACKAGING: This candle comes in a muted lavender box, a neutrally pleasing hue that is pretty and works well in almost any setting.
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: GRACE HOME is the namesake line of popular Philippine lifestyle blogger, Grace Barbers-Baja. She is well-known for her impeccable taste and flair for entertaining. Allow your candle to burn for at least 4-5 hours the first time you use it, so that it burns evenly.  Trim the wick after each use to control the flame.

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