Habitude Overachiever Set

  • The Habitude Overachiever set is comprised of Habitude's skincare products: The Habitude Hardworking Miracle Water, the Habitude Seriously Revitalizing Serum, and the Habitude Go-Getter Moisture + Sun Stick. All three products are made with natural ingredients, championing local botanicals fused with global skincare favorites, and have zero harmful chemicals.
  • The Habitude Hardworking Miracle Water is a cleanser, toner, and hydratant all-in-one essence championing Galactomyces and Oryza sativa (rice ferment filtrate) as its key ingredients.
  • The Habitude Seriously Revitalizing Serum is a deeply nourishing, hydrating, and skin revitalizing serum championing plant mucin from a blend of potent seaweed varieties.
  • The Habitude Go-Getter Moisture + Sun Stick is a moisturizer and mineral sun block in a handy balm format. It champions 20% Zinc Oxide for sun protection, fractionated (non-comedogenic) coconut oil, tomato extract, sunflower oil, and bentonite clay among a host of other skin-loving emollients. It is housed in a FSC-certified 100% compostable paper tube.
  • Packaging Includes:

    (1) 100ml glass bottle with box

    (1) 30ml glass serum bottle with box

    (1) 25g papertube with box

    (1) Habitude  postcard
  • Items are boxed in a 20cm x 14 x 4 cardboard box