Halimuyak Smudge Stick Solo

  • Our all Philippine grown herb and flower smudge stick is an ode to Philippine traditions of healing using nature’s gifts.
  • The halimuyak has guava and sambong leaves, elemi and manila copal rosin from the endemic Pili and Almaciga trees.
  • Guava and sambong are used by “albularyos” in healing various ailments while the rosins are like the traditional incense or “kamanyang” sold near local churches and are used to cleanse homes and drive away bad spirits.
  • The rest of the herbs and flowers like basil, mint, rosemary, marigold and Baguio everlasting are grown locally in organic farms.
  • The combination of plants when burned emits a medicinal smoke which releases the oils of the plants to help ease stress and anxiety the natural way.