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Herbacin Wuta® Kamille Healing Skin Cream & Hand Cream

    • A cult organic line lovingly sought from GERMANY.
    • THEIR STORY: Herbacin’s headquarters were initially located in Eisenach, and since 1905 in a nature reserve near Hörsel in Thuringia. Its proximity to deep green forests and flowering meadows, but particularly our own biodynamic herb cultivation provided Herbacin already in the early years with a literally green brand image. One of our globally most popular, gentle-acting skin care lines is as well one of our oldest: wuta®kamille products, created especially for modern work environment, has since become the perfect all-round protection for skin, nails and hair for industrious women and men around the world.
    • Wuta® Kamille Healing Skin Cream (for Sensitive Skin) 20ml - is part of the white series was designed specifically for the needs of sensitive skin. With its unique combination of active ingredients of the green series and the intense soothing properties of aloe vera and vitamin A, it is suitable for everyone, who has to protect their skin effectively against aggressive environmental influences - be it dry air from heating, air conditioning or extreme weather conditions. 
    • Wuta® Kamille Healing Hand Cream 20ml - is the invisible glove! The cream with the triple combination of active ingredients: camomile heals and restores, glycerine smooths the skin, moisturises, and keeps the skin elastic, and silicon acts like an invisible glove, protecting against everyday environmental abuse.
    • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: I love the easy travel size tin canisters these products come in.  So easy to pop into your bag for quick relief and travel. I recommend HERBACIN Wuta® Kamille Healing Skin Cream & Hand Cream DUO for sensitive skin types, especially for women on the go who love organic remedies.

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