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ItWorks! Deep Sleep Breathe In Set


  • It's not just the number of hours in bed that's important—it's the quality of those hours of sleep. If you're giving yourself plenty of time for sleep, but you're still having trouble waking up in the morning or staying alert all day, you may not be spending enough time in the different stages of sleep.
  • TRIVIA: A good night's sleep is often the best way to help you cope with stress, solve problems, or recover from illness.  The quality of your sleep directly affects the quality of your waking life, including your mental sharpness, productivity, emotional balance, creativity, physical vitality, and even your weight.  No other activity delivers so many benefits with so little effort!
  • DEEP SLEEP BREATHE IN DIFFUSER OIL SET -  bestselling fragrance that contains soothing Lavender and Chamomile to help you get a good night’s sleep.
  • BENEFITS: MODERN - Enjoy a moment of peace and tranquility at the end of a long day. A modern twist on deodorizers that will help still the mind. NATURAL - A potent blend of calming Lavender and soothing Roman Chamomile essential oils. WELLNESS - Allow the therapeutic fragrance to soothe your senses and increase your inner peace.
  • HOW TO USE: In a diffuser or burner, dilute few drops of essential oil with clean, warm water. Let the aroma disperse in your room. Do not leave burning unattended.
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: I love this new set from the DEEP SLEEP line.  I like to light up the diffuser in the bath for an extra relaxing bath time experience.  You can also use this when the kids are sick to help them sleep better. Just make sure not to leave the burner unattended! Tea lights work best.

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