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Keratin Complex Volumizing Dry Shampoo

  • A professional hair care range from the US.
  • BRAND STORY: In 2006, a small group of industry innovators identified an opening in the market: the lack of a viable alternative to the traditional straighteners being used in salons at the time. Working with leading chemists and hair-care experts, they realized that the key to creating an innovative treatment that was both gentle and effective lay in harnessing the power of keratin, an essential hair protein that delivers incredible benefits, endless versatility, and a never-before-seen smoothing effect—all without breaking the bonds of the hair. And thus, Keratin Complex® was born.
  • VOLUMIZING DRY SHAMPOO (with Free Refill) - A convenient, easy-to-apply dry shampoo that absorbs excess oil and instantly refreshes the hair without water. Comes in a clear - no color powder to avoid staining.

  • 1) Absorbent formula cleanses, increases volume, and reduces excess oil and odor without water.
  • 2) Built-in brush provides an easy, no-mess application.
  • 3) Invigorating citrus scent instantly refreshes hair and scalp.
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: The KERATIN VOLUMIZING Dry Shampoo is great for traveling, especially on long haul flights. Keep your hair refreshed and with volume when you arrive at your destination. It is also great for keeping the volume of a blow dry - to avoid hair being weighed down by Manila's humid climate.

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