Linger ‘I Need A Drink’ Candle - Vanilla + Spice 320ml

  • LINGER MANILA are 100% soy candles, handmade with love, and placed with flowers on top for that extra feel! Linger means to roam and move around which is how a scent is. It moves around you and creates an aura that changes the whole feel of the environment. It creates a mood that relaxes you. 
  • "I NEED A DRINK" - VANILLA + SPICE. All natural soy candle that burns cleanly, is long lasting, and environmentally friendly.
  • Average Burn Time: 45 hours
  • 320ml 
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Attend to candle at all times.  Keep away from children, pets, and flammable materials. Burn no longer than 3 hours. Burn on heat resistant surface. Allow to cool before re-lighting.