Miss Lueur Ice Globes - set of 2

  • MISS LUER is the sister brand of Karis Apothecary. "Lueur" is a French word that means "to glow".  Each beauty device has been hand-picked and tested to ensure quality and convenience.
  • ICE GLOBES (set of 2) - These beauty ice globes help in stimulating lymphatic drainage with unique acupressure-style cooling massage.
  • KEY BENEFITS: When used alongside with a facial cream or serum, it can help to minimize large pores, sunburn, acne marks, capillarectasia, and skin consenescence. It can also alleviate headaches, tension, and fatigue. Furthermore, when used regularly, it can help repair and regenerate collagen production.
  • HOW TO USE: Place the ice globes on a bowl of ice and wait for around 5 minutes to cool. You may also leave the ice globes inside the fridge. For best results, use the ice globes with a good facial serum, gel or ceam and massage the face and neck using upward strokes *Warning: Do not store the ice globes in the freezer.
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: These ice globes are fun and easy to use.  I also like using them together with a sheet mask to help the serum absorb better, and for a more relaxing experience!