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Pro Studio Silicone Spatula

    • PRO STUDIO BEAUTY EXCLUSIVES is a makeup tools brand targeted to modern makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts alike. The brand provides practically priced makeup tools, palettes, and other MUA essentials. The brand has also been featured by various beauty bloggers and influencers on different platforms.
    • SILICONE SPATULA - A multi-use tool for mixing products, cream applications, or accessing skincare in containers.
    • This lets you scoop out creams and other liquids in pots and jars
    • Keeps your skincare sterile and sanitary
    • Lets you access every last drop inside containers to prevent waste
    • Can also be used to apply powder face masks and great for mixing solutions
    • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: Make up tools are just as important as the cosmetics you use. The price and quality of this range is just right.

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