Oil Republic Headache Remedy - 5ml

    • Oil Republic is inspired by simple living and the healing power of nature. In essential oils, we seek to go back to the basics, to what is pure and true. After all, essential oils were mankind’s first medicine and has been healing the world for centuries. When essential oils are harnessed from nature, all its life giving, life protecting, and life restoring elements are condensed into miraculous drops that are ready to revitalize and enhance our lives.
      Oil republic embraces the wonderful world of essential oils, with its multitude of benefits and possibilities, and believes that these remarkable gifts should be accessible to all.
    • HEADACHE REMEDY - Healing oil blend of lavender oil, sage oil and jojoba oil that relieves headaches, migraines and nervous tension; aids in relaxing the brain as well as encourages clear thinking. Oil scent relaxes, soothes and uplifts from negative moods.
    • HOW TO USE: Roll on back of neck, shoulder, behind ears &/or forehead.
    • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: These oil blends in roller bottles are perfect for healing on the go.