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Ombre Leggings - Blue

  • SWEAT PANTS PROJECT was borne out of weeks of brainstorming as well as research and development. The name itself is a tongue in cheek take on the popular sweatpants that has recently become a staple in many a person’s wardrobe. The idea was to up the ante for the lowly sweatpants.

  • Ombre leggings are very sturdy and can withstand the most rigorous of movements and physical activities. Most clients have used the pairs for yoga, hiking, and even for crossfit training. The texture and fit is very similar to the popular “Spanx”; firm and tight in all the right places.

  • TIP: Due to the fabric and cut of this style, the fit is more snug. Opt to go up a size larger than usual.
  • The form and structure of the leggings will not change, subject to proper care and maintenance.

  • Material: 64% Nylon, 26% Polyester, and 10% Spandex                      

  • Care instructions: wash with like colors; do not iron; only hang to dry

actual size in US sizing
small to medium  0-4
large to x-large 6-10

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