Pahulay Honeymoon Home Spray

  • PAHULAY is a collection of home essentials that foster rests, mindfulness, and tranquility. Pahulay is Cebuano for “rest.” Pahulay sa! Pahinga muna I’ll rest first. Rest, often neglected, is an essential part of our well-being. In a world where almost everything is on-demand, rest tends to take a step back on the priority list. At Pahulay, rest is at the forefront.
  • The sprays are handcrafted locally, in the Philippines.
  • Honeymoon is inspired by romantic comedy films.
  • Imagery: the meet cute, the banter, kissing in between laughs
  • Discontinued scent: Lilac, Spiced Fig Tea, Pink Pepper
  • Current scent: Lilac, Pink Pepper, Amber, Tobacco
  • You can spray this everywhere–your bedroom, bathroom, powder room, living room, linens, and clothes.
  • 85mL