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Para Resin Square Cocktail Ring (Sur Tausug)

  • Faceted resin square cocktail ring on madre de cacao wood.
  • Heritage Weave Collection.
  • Happy David’s new collection reflects her strong sense of identity and the influences that have given her the creative impulse to produce accessories that are at once personally meaningful and universally appealing.
  • The New York-based designer also draws inspiration from her homeland, the Philippines, where she recently spent five months doing research and development as she traveled across and country and collaborated with Filipino artisans. During trip to Laoag, Ilocos Norte, Happy was invited to do a workshop with Ilocano weavers, teaching them color combinations, mixing prints and textures, and choosing better components. In Ilocos, she found herself enjoying the rustic charm of this northern province and becoming better accquainted with the famous weaves. The patterns and colors of the statement rings from the NORTE line come directly from images of inabel, the traditional fabric that has been made for hundreds of years and is still used in daily life by the Ilocanos—from blankets to clothing, even for sails of the great galleons.
  • Part of Happy David’s travels included a visit to her mother’s hometown of Zamboanga, a province in the beautiful southern island of Mindanao. She spent many childhood summers there: “During our summer visits to Zamboanga, my cousins and I would drive around visit the Yakan Village.” The delicate designs of the Yakan tribe, famous for their intricately woven fabric, have found their way into the collection. “When the siege occurred September last year, it really worried me that we would not be able to go to Zamboanga as often anymore,” she says. On this trip, she rediscovered the colorful geometric patterns of the Tausug tribe—usually worn as scarves, sashes, or head wraps—and uses the them as inspiration for the SUR collection. 

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