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Ritual Twin Smelling Salts

  • RITUAL is a sustainable general store that has a special interest in local history and biocultural diversity.
  • Founder BEA MISA says: "We take a special interest in plants and underutilized species. We like to make people's everyday lives INTERESTING & JOYFUL."
  • 2 X EASY BREATHING SMELLING SALTS: Anytime, anywhere aromatherapy. Your natural, aesthetically-pleasing alternative to the plastic inhaler. Use when you feel clogged or have sinus issues. Shake it up a bit to refresh the smell.
  • 2 10g jars.
  • INGREDIENTS: Coarse Sea Salt, Our Blend of Essential Oils, Natural Fixative Hydrosol.
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP:  "Smelling Salts" is such a vintage idea that I instantly fell in love with!  As you know, my Lola Nena was a big beauty influence for me.  She would have definitely loved this product.  This is the a beauty version of a classic pocket-watch.

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