Scarf Bandana - Oui

  • No drama, just bandana!
  • A special collaboration with our brand partner, Solano. 
  • STU x Solano is a borne out of our love for cotton bandanas.
  • The bandana traces its origins back to the late 17th century in the Middle East and Southern Asia. In fact, even the word “bandana” is thought to come from either Hindi or Urdu, both in which the word "bāṅdhnū" loosely translates as a tied or bound cloth. It was in this region that the black printing processes emerged. It involved pressing pre-carved blocks into small pieces of woven fabrics, infusing them with the earliest dyes made from indigenous plants and materials. A repeated pattern of curved teardrop figures became the bandana's most prevalent print, commonly known as paisley.
  • This article of clothing's precious history and its versatility inspired us to put together a storied collection of ordinary things made extraordinary. 
  • This scarf bandana features a multicolored OUI embroidery. 
  • Measures 20x20 inches.