Smudge Stick in a Bottle - 2 sizes

  • Cleansing on the go.
  • The Smudge Stick in a Bottle has all the elements of our Smudge Stick but it's in spray form. You can’t use a smudge stick in other places like your car or other people’s spaces. It is a room and linen spray but with the antimicrobial benefits of white sage.
  • The lavender in the blend is also very relaxing and can be sprayed on your sheets and pillows before going to sleep. It can also help ease insomnia. It is smudging that can be done on the go!
  • Each spray is a combination of essential oils extracted from plant medicines that can provide an energetic cleanse - on the go.
  • The three traditional plants of palo santo, white sage and cedar are blended with other pure essential oils in a refreshing and uplifting smudge spray to disperse the same natural plant energy used throughout the ages in cleansing ceremonies and rituals. These plants possess healing qualities used since ancient times.
  • Available in 30ml and 100ml variants