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Snoe Here Comes The Suntan Instant Glow

  • SNOE BEAUTY was established in Manila in February 2010 by talented mompreneur Jen Gerodias- Diaz. The brand was named after her daughter Noe. When Noe was born, everyone would say she was "white as snow". Hence the name SNOE. The "SNOE FLAKE" logo symbolizes the 6 essential aspects of a balanced life: mind, body, spirit, heart, relationships and beauty.
  • HERE COMES THE SUNTAN INSTANT BRONZING LOTION 100ml - a moisturizing, firming, and toning gradual self-tanner that reveals a beach perfect body all year round.  Main ingredient is coffee extract.
  • HOW TO USE: Spray a balanced amount all over your body. Allow to dry before contact with clothing. Reapply for a deeper color. Do not apply onto broken skin.
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: Self tanners are tricky - if you use too much you can look orange!!  I recommend this spray for those who already HAVE a tan and would like to extend it or add a gradual sunkissed glow. The moisturizing and firming properties are a great bonus too.

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