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Snoe Oil For All 'Sacha Inchi' Hair Super Food

  • SNOE BEAUTY was established in Manila in February 2010 by talented mompreneur Jen Gerodias-Diaz. The brand was named after her daughter Noe. When Noe was born, everyone would say she was "white as snow". Hence the name SNOE.
  • The "SNOE FLAKE" logo symbolizes the 6 essential aspects of a balanced life: mind, body, spirit, heart, relationships and beauty.
  • OIL FOR ALL 'SACHA INCHI' HAIR SUPER FOOD  15ml- The Next Super Food Peruvian Amazon. Cold Processed.Unrefined. Organic. 100% Natural. Pure Hair. Skin. Nails. Lips Antioxidant. Anti-bacterial. Anti-fungal. Anti-acne. Antiseptic. Anti-aging Contains: Unique omega vitamin combination 3-6-9 Largest concentration of Omega 3 Rich source of Vitamin A.
  • BENEFITS: Helps relieve itchy scalp, scaly skin, chronically dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis. Contains powerful antioxidant properties Use on fine lines,wrinkles and age spots. Best for combination skin. For dry, brittle and damaged hair.  
  • HOW TO USE: Store oil in a cool, dark place, keep upright and capped, and out of the reach of children. Due to their concentration a little amount goes a long way. Use carefully and in small amounts. Please note if the oil has solidified due to cooler temperatures just place the bottle in warm water to liquefy.
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: These Oil For All treatments are the ultimate all in one product that may be used for hair, face, & body.