Soul Apothecary Citronella Repellent Spray - 50ml

  • This product is nature's solution to ward off insects, ants, and cockroaches. This all natural blend of potent citronella hydrosol and oil is processed from the citronella plant.
    • It comes straight from farm to bottle without the use of any chemicals during farming or processing.
    • Citronella has a citrus woody note that freshens up your surroundings without any chemical scent.
    • This water based formula is all natural and safe, even for kids.
    • It can be used as a spray or used directly with a humidifier or diffuser.
  • HOW TO USE: Shake bottle before each use.  Do not mist directly onto your face or body, spray on fabrics and clothes. Release 4-5 pumps into air or onto linens and fabrics depending on your preference. Dispense more for larger pieces of fabric or large areas or use with a humidifier/diffuser.