Sparrow Coffee Room & Linen Fragrance (3 variants)

  • SPARROW FRAGRANCES is a dream shared by two life-long friends who have been in the spa and beauty retail business for years. They love concocting unique scents for their nail spa and for themselves.
  • BRAND PHILOSOPHY: "Like a humble sparrow, a representation of God's love, we believe no one is insignificant. We bring with us on this flight, the hope that you will find yourselves in our creations. May the fragrances awaken your senses and allow you to rekindle memories of love & hope and inspire your everyday lives."
  • COFFEE ROOM & LINEN FRAGRANCE - The Caffeinated Series. Choose your own custom brew with our coffee scented sprays.
    • VANILLA LATTE - is a coffee blend with a hint of milk and vanilla notes.
    • CAFFE MOCHA - has a hint of chocolate frosting.
    • COFFEE WITH CINNAMON - for that extra spice, this has a nutty and earthy flavor.
  • SIZE: 120ml
  • HOW TO USE: Keep away from direct sunlight to avoid changes in scent.
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: This coffee inspired fragrance series is so much fun and gives a wake up kick of energy!