Sparrow Verbena EDC - 60ml

  • SPARROW is a dream shared by two life-long friends who have been in the spa and beauty retail business for years.
  • BRAND PHILOSOPHY: "Like a humble sparrow, a representation of God's love, we believe no one is insignificant. May the fragrances awaken your senses and allow you to rekindle memories of love & hope and inspire your everyday lives."
  • VERBENA EDC - inspired by long lasting blooms that blossom even during the hottest days of summer heat. This fragrance is a mix of lemon and verbena with a hint of juniper berries and jasmine. Another sunny and happy scent to cure everyday blues.
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: Sparrow first launched on STU in 2014.  We are extremely proud to have watched them soar to new heights. This updated selection combines the expertise and experience they have gained through the years.