Srichand x Asava Liquid Lipstick - 5 shades

  • Srichand is a well established beauty & wellness brand from Thailand since 1948. Their powder masks are what made them famous. The new makeup line is a collaboration with Asava; one of Thailand's most esteemed fashion & design groups.
  • LIQUID LIPSTICK  - Reveal your true feelings with Betta Liquid Lipstick. These smooth and silky satin texture liquid lipsticks are available in different shades to enhance your confident in every occasion. Enjoy mixing and creating the new colors in your own style with multiple shades. More interestingly, each liquid lipstick shade owns a unique name of a word that could compose into sweet sentences to express your feeling which are, for example, I / LOVE / YOU or WILL / YOU / MARRY / ME or YES / I / DO, etc.
  • HOW TO USE: Apply on clean bare lips.
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: This makeup collaboration is the perfect marriage of quality products and beautiful design. The perfect addition to your makeup collection.