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The Oilist Healing Roll On - Tummy

    • The Oilist aims to provide therapeutic grade essential oil blends to consumers who are looking for a safe and effective all natural organic alternative to over the counter medication. Made from only the highest quality essential oils and carrier oils, The Oilist offers handmade blends at friendly prices.
    • TUMMY BLEND -Tummy trouble is inevitable. Be prepared with the Tummy blend roller and have it handy to apply to the tummy when experiencing acid reflux, stomach cramps and heartburn.
      • Peppermint - Antispasmodic 
      • Lemon - Antiviral 
      • Tarragon - Helps relieve flatulence
      • Ginger - Calms digestive system
      • Juniper - Detoxifying 
      • Fennel - Improves digestive function by supporting the liver 
      • Lemongrass - Improves circulation 
      • Anise - Helps strengthen digestive system 
      • Patchouli - Digestive stimulant
    • HOW TO USE: Apply by rubbing topically in a circular motion on the belly area.
    • #THEVAINMAMA TIP:  Essential oils are great healing tools and these blends are great for healing on the go. Use with caution if you are pregnant as some oils may induce contractions.