Wax Melt Set with 4 tealights ( Dessert)

  • Exciting curated sets of your favorite candle scents in wax melt form.

  • Wax melts are a great alternative to candles because they are safer (they don’t require an open flame) and are less expensive because they last up to five times longer than a candle.

  • Mix two or more melt scents together in your burner and you can even come up with your own custom scent at home! Experiment!

  • Dessert Set comes with a free wax melt burner

  • This set is a mix of "dessert-like" scents ranging from vanilla, mint, fruit to woody tea. A wonderful way to cap off your scentful meal adventure.

    - Bourbon Isle

    - New Hampshire

    - Shikoku Island

    - Queen's Tea