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YogaLove Clean + Protect Relax Sanitizing Spray 250ml

  • Mindfully Crafted for Everyday Living. More than just a line of products, YOGALOVE promotes natural and holistic rituals perfect for everybody. We’ve crafted these products to help you breathe in, breathe out and de-stress so you can create mindful moments throughout your day.
  • CLEAN + PROTECT RELAX SANITIZING SPRAY - Surround yourself with a peaceful ambience! Come home to a clean and comfy sanctuary with this calming, deodorizing, and all-around sanitizing formula made with French Lavender essential oils.
  • KEY BENEFITS: An all-around sanitizing formula made with French Lavender essential oils, 60% Ethyl Alcohol and Aloe Vera extracts. It is safe and moisturizing for the skin while killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Feel yourself melt into the blissful peace of a relaxing environment with our Relax Sanitizing Spray.
  • INGREDIENTS: 60% Ethyl Alcohol, French Lavender Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel.
  • HOW TO USE: Spray into spaces to deodorize and onto surfaces to disinfect. Use before bedtime and get ready for a blissful sleep.
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: After a short hiatus, YogaLove is back better than ever.  I love their new and expanded line! These everyday wellness rituals help you mindfully transition from one moment to the next.