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Bath Origins Muscle Relief Scrub 220g & Massage Oil 100ml

  • Bath Origins is a local brand from the Philippines, started in August 1999 with the intention of making soaps to give as Christmas gifts. They created and experimented on an assortment of around 50 kinds of soaps. Their inspiration comes from natural materials found in our environment. They work with everything natural therefore we try to develop products that are that are not only safe for the environment but beneficial to the end user. Sourcing out local materials is very important therefore encouraging a sustainable lifestyle in our community.

  •  MUSCLE RELIEF SCRUB & MASSAGE OIL -This therapeutic scrub & oil is refreshing and calming. Eucalyptus oil aids in relieving muscle pains and Lavender will help bodies wind down after a long day.

  •  #THEVAINMAMA TIP: Using the body scrub before your massage will allow the massage oil to penetrate deeper into your skin, thus providing more relief and enhancing the healing benefits.  



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