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Grace Home Beeswax Candle - Rose, Talc, & Basil 210g

  • GRACE HOME is an exciting line of home products that espouses the characteristics of quality, elegance, and style. The items being developed are all personally conceptualized by the founder, subjected to her stringent standards of the best way to create a home that is warm, inviting, luxurious, and cozy.
  • NATURAL BEESWAX CANDLE  - The first product developed; made of natural hand-poured natural beeswax in the scents of rose, talc, and basil. Every element and every ingredient of this product was well thought of so that only the best quality candles are made.
  • KEY INGREDIENTS - Grace says: "My three main ingredients: rose, talc, and basil -  represent who I am or something that I like. Rose. It is very elegant, charming, and romantic. It’s such a womanly and feminine scent. Plus, the appeal of a red rose is so universal; what woman does not appreciate beautiful red roses? Talc. This reminds me of my babies’ scent. It’s powdery and fresh. We moms like to say, “If I can only bring back time when my kids were babies and bottle the scent when they were newly born...” This is my way of doing that. Basil. One of my favorite fresh herbs and a reference to my love for food and cooking."
  • UNIQUE PACKAGING - The Grace Home Candle comes in a lovely glass jar. Atop the jar is a marble cover, an added touch of elegance and something not very common. Marble stone is known to be unique, as such as no two pieces are exactly look alike. This lid is as practical as it is stylish: when the candle is not lit and the marble top is used as a cover to preserve the scented oils of the candle. Meanwhile, when the candle is in use, the marble top transforms as the jar’s coaster, protecting the surface the candle is on. 
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: GRACE HOME is the namesake line of popular Philippine lifestyle blogger, Grace Barbers-Baja. She is well-known for her impeccable taste and flair for entertaining. Allow your candle to burn for at least 4-5 hours the first time you use it, so that it burns evenly.  Trim the wick after each use to control the flame.

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