Perfectly Me Bracelet - Amazonite & Pearls PERF-DW1

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  • Founded in North America, THE CALM CHAKRA collection features semi-precious gemstones found all over the world. These crystals possess attributes that help you heal your deepest fears and worries so that you can focus your energy on manifesting your dream.
  • Perfectly Me Bracelet with Amazonite, Freshwater Pearl and Mother of Pearl (for women) PERF-DW1
  • Be fearlessly authentic and live a life being true to who you really are. Define yourself. Love every part of yourself, and choose to let your true self be seen. Do not waiver in the face of mediocrity and conformity. Bravely be you because you are perfect just the way you are.
    • Amazonite :: Authenticity + Love + Communication. Known as the stone of truth and courage, Amazonite empowers you to go on a journey of self-discovery so that you can embrace your own integrity and truths. It gives you the confidence to shrug off the fear of judgment from others. You realize that you do not need external approval to feel good about yourself. Instead, you live according to your own values and beliefs. 
    • Mother of Pearl :: Communication + Discover True Self + Relationships. The resonating energies of Mother of Pearl build up your self-esteem and enhance your communication skills so that you can express yourself in a more effective way. It will guide you in finding yourself, discover your hidden potentials and gravitate towards what motivates you, what makes you feel at peace, and what truly makes you happy.
    • Pearl >>  Love + Beauty + Wisdom + ProtectionPearl brings pure love into your life.  It strengthens your relationships and can bring more loving and faithful people into your life.  It can also bring you romantic love if that’s what you seek. Most importantly, pearl instills self-love and helps you learn to take care and nurture yourself first and foremost. 
  • Chakra activation :: solar plexus, heart, throat
  • Affirmation :: I embrace my authentic and perfect self. I communicate truthfully and lovingly.
  • Sizing Details ::
    • SMALL - fits petite wrists (13-16 cm). Please note that small will have fewer beads.
    • MEDIUM - It’s the most common size and fits most wrists (16-19 cm). (shown in photo)
    • LARGE - fits larger wrists (19-21 cm).
    • *If you are unsure of the right size for you, simply measure around your wrist with a piece of string, mark it and lay beside a ruler.
  • Item Details :: Made with genuine 8mm Amazonite crystals and gold plated accents. 
  • CARE: In order to sustain its magic, cleanse + energize + program regularly. We recommend using our selenite bowls or Sacred Palo Santo for cleansing. Accents are made with a real gold vacuum plating technology which is 3 times thicker than ordinary gold plating to give it extra durability. It has a strong color retention ability, however care is still recommended to prevent oxidative discoloration. Avoid alkaline liquids such as laundry detergent and soap water.
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: As pieces are made from natural crystals there will be naturally occurring variations and imperfections. All crystals have been cleansed by burnt sage and energized with harmonic vibrations of a singing bowl.