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April 04, 2020

How To Build a Charcuterie Board With What You Have In Your Pantry

 One hosting hack I've mastered from years of 'hosting' at home is building a charcuterie board with whatever we have in our fridge, cupboards, or pantry. 

I often find myself in situations (usually late afternoons) when I have a bunch of people over after we have wrapped up a shoot or a team meeting.

My love language is whipping up something for them as if I had it planned all along. The look of surprise on their faces when they see the platter of mishmash nibbles presented fancy hors d'oeuvres-style is priceless.

The other day, Mischka and I had a fun time putting together a charcuterie but without the board and the processed meat (I have stopped eating such in over a year now but my family still does once in awhile).

We shopped our pantry as if it were Santi's and picked out items we thought of throwing into our charcuterie. There were olives, leftover dried cranberries, almonds, bread sticks, crackers, and some chips. We raided our fridge for tomato tapenade, leftover cacao nibs and cheese. We're running low on fruits so we settled with one last piece of orange.

We opted to do away with the board this time around and use kraft paper instead. What you will need:

Build your board starting with the backbone of your grazing lot which are usually the bigger items: bread, cheese, and in this case our tomato tapenade and olives.

Add the medium sized characters like chips, crackers, and bread sticks (whose length add a nice variety to the shapes and sizes of the lot).

Introduce the little guys such as the nuts and dried fruits. They're tiny but they do the important job of pulling the look together.

And finally, I like to top it off with fruits not only to neutralise the taste but to add a pop of color to your board.

Our pantries will look differently but like always, tap into your creative juices and get started on your makeshift charcuterie board. It's a guaranteed hit with your family and your husband will no doubt feel special. Your children if anything, will be introduced to new words and might even learn to pronounce charcuterie {shaar·koo·tr·ee}.

'Til the next one. Keep safe and stay home!

Love + tomato crostini,

April 02, 2020

Vanessa's Tips for Indoor Wellness

Keeping yourself healthy is not just about proper hygiene and sanitization (though those are to be prioritized), but it's also about managing your wellbeing. In a time when practicing wellness has been put under certain limitations, let our beauty editor Vanessa share her four tips to practicing indoor wellness:

1. Take a virtual yoga class.

It's one thing to look up a yoga class on YouTube, it's another thing to do a class with people real-time. Generous studios (and even independently practicing gurus) left and right have started an online movement for stillness. Best part: most of them are free. 

A quick sweep of your city's yoga class social media accounts should land you to a schedule pretty easily. Get out of your jammies and jump into your favorite yoga outfit.


2. Get some sun (aka Vitamin D).

To up the ante on your practice, why don't you take your mat outside and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air?

You can also do what we love to do: grab a drink and your favorite book, and find a nice spot out on the grass. Don't forget to lather on some sunblock before you do!

3. Catch some quality zzz's.

Some of our favorite essential oils for a goodnight's sleep are lavender, rose, vanilla, citrus, jasmine, and sandalwood.

Another pro tip: wearing a quality eye cover helps keep you in slumber longer.  Make sure to pick one made from a good material and fits you comfortably. We also prefer ones with cooling gels in them.

Remember, sleep is different from quality sleep.

4. Have a spa treatment at home.

Desperate times call for desperate measures: while your favorite spa is still on lockdown, you'll be happy to know that it doesn't take much to create your own mini spa at home. Of course, nothing will beat a traditional massage but for now, we are living for the pampering crumbs.

Gather your favorite moisturizing packs and body oil, light a few scented candles, and zen out to some soothing music to relieve tension. Our tip: warmed up thai compression balls work wonders on sore spots.

March 28, 2020

Around The House with your Dumpling Bag in 24 Hours

The idea of traveling to far-flung places seem to be well, so far-flung now. And as for VR (virtual reality), we're just not there yet. Creativity however has never gone out of style and now more than ever do we need to profusely tap into it.

Today's deep dive into the inner recesses of my brain's right hemisphere, prompts me to take an urban adventure around our humble abode complete with insider knowledge from our four-legged fur ball, Rusty.

The objective was clear: be creative and entertain yourself. The challenge: take the seemingly bottomless pit of a dumpling in the guise of a purse. Or is it a purse in the guise of a dumpling? Whatever suits your fancy, it's a contraption especially used by a woman to carry everyday essentials. 

And everyday essentials did it carry.

830am is when I roll out my mat and namastè my way to a healed body and a quiet mind. Yoga with Adriene on Youtube has been instrumental to my practice, should you be interested. It's free too.

Yoga dumpling is never without:

At 1030am, I hangout in the living room for a wee bit of me-time before we all get together for lunch. If I feel emotionally strong enough to watch the news, I would, otherwise I watch reruns of The Ellen Show or resume a book.

Lounging dumpling is never without:

  • A book
  • TV remotes
  • Some candles to set the mood


And then there's that leisurely walk to the kitchen which took approximately 24 seconds. Stuffed my purse with ingredients to a rather healthy dish both for lunch and dinner which is one and the same but will be served differently. Again creativity is key.

Kitchen dumpling is never without:

  • Fresh veggies 
  • Spices
  • Wooden spoon

Come mid-afternoon post-nap, my daughter and I along with our doggos will pack a few essentials and spread a mat on our pocket garden and bask in what little nature we can grasp. We have ambitious plans of a board game or maybe paint but mostly we just chat and enjoy a little bit of grounding or that barefoot contact with the earth. We count ourselves lucky.

Picnic dumpling is never without:

  • Fruits you have left in your fridge
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Sparkling water
  • Cheese knives

It's 630pm and a I have a Zoom date with my girlfriends. Toted my purse to the bar and fixed myself a cocktail.

Home bar dumpling is never without:

  • A cocktail glass (obvs)
  • Your alcohol of choice
  • Bar essentials here if you're in the mood for some retail therapy.

Not a highlight of my day but we all need to mind our own business at the bathroom. Said dumpling bag always at my disposal. Toilet paper and all.

Bathroom dumpling is never without:

Whew, what a full day that was. My dumpling still hard at work carrying wind down essentials I usually bring to bed. 

Bedroom dumpling is never without:

 As always, all of the above are safe to try at home. I would be remiss not to mention that before your exciting around-the-house journey, to browse dumpling bags here is essential, to purchase unnecessary.

We are happy to bring you lightness in the form of small things. In this case, teeny tiny dumpling bags, that pack a LIFE.

Thank you for #StayingInWithSTU


Air hugs and kisses,

+ Mischka, Rusty, Snowy

5 Top Spring/Summer 2020 Runway Trends to Spot in STU

How's it going, dear Seekers? We're almost two weeks in under the Enhanced Community Quarantine and I hope the days have been treating you well. The news in the country and around the world has been getting crazier; though we need to keep abreast on the latest, we can always take a break from all that hullabaloo.

Among other things, we like keeping you updated on fashion. STU may not be a trend-driven brand, but it is our duty to be informed on the current trends and probably apply what would best resonate with our stories, once in a while. Thus, we've rounded up five of the top Spring/Summer 2020 runway trends and its corresponding STU pieces to add to your summer staples.

Show 'Em Who's the (Stabilo) Boss

Stop them in their tracks with this vibrant, fearless trend, as seen on the Valentino runway. Dare to wear a full-on neon look, or tone it down by pairing it with neutrals. If you're not too keen on it, a fun accessory or bag like the Solano tote would suffice. Choosing clothing with subtle neon details like the Garoua wide-leg pants, are also one way to wear this trend (hit us up if you want a restock! ;p).

Point Blanc

Guess the LWD (Little White Dress) will be this season's must-have, and we're not complaining! White dresses are such no-brainer pieces because they go with anything and everything. You can toughen up a frilly frock à la Alexander McQueen, or work a dress-over-pants sitch with our Gapa shift dress and Nelspruit palazzo pants. Freshen up a utilitarian ensemble by trying our breathtaking Trieste trench dress with nautical-inspired accessories.

Bra Tops are the New Crop Tops

As Nelly sang in 2002, "it's getting hot in herre, so take off all your clothes..."; we can't help but be reminded of it what with the 34°-36°C weather nowadays. A solution to this heat? Wear a bra top! Make the Lanvin show a reference and playfully wear it with a layered midi skirt, or go matchy-matchy with our Caucaia eyelet set. If you're feeling more relaxed but still want a modern look, take the top from the Dasi set (halter style) and match it with the Elva overlap pants.

We Made the Cut(out)

Donning this trend is a subtle way to show skin, while still maintaining that elegant demeanor. At Emilia Wickstead, the focus was on the woman's décolleté for a rebel femme, black and pink garb. Reserve the pastel Vetralla for an evening affair or wedding, complete with a sleek bun. As for that postponed beach getaway, take the Ugento linen dress with you for a day-to-night outfit.  

Power Puff

Reserved this for last because we're too familiar with it, that calling it a "trend" no longer counts. Haha! What is an STU look without the puff sleeve? It's simply basic in our style vocabulary! We're digging this tie-dye ensemble from the Isabel Marant runway for its street chic vibe. We can totally mention all our puff sleeve styles here, but we don't want you to get dizzy. Instead, we're putting the spotlight on two checkered, scene-stealing styles that could add pizazz to your closet: the Kroonstad peplum top, and the Rionegro button-down dress.

Hope this sort of news gave you fresh outfit ideas for that "bright future" we're looking forward to (after this quarantine period). Once again, stay safe and be healthy, Seekers!



March 20, 2020

How to Dress from the Waist Up

As the whole world is rapidly shifting ways to live daily lives, what was the norm and mundane last week seem so distant and long ago. 

While video conferencing apps and platforms are relishing the spotlight right now and are thriving (Zoom for one reported an increase of 2.2 million monthly active users since the Covid out break), other companies are seeing cracks and struggling to get a hang of this new 9-5 setup.

Over here at our little bubble, we feel fortunate to be so accustomed to working remotely. We haven't found the need to download Zoom as we have always gotten by with emails and group chats: efficiently and effectively. 

So if I were to give tips on productivity while WFH (which no one asked for, but I'm gonna leave it here anyway) I'd only have one. Dress up for the con call, video on or not.

Never under estimate the power of dressing. Take it from someone who showed up to each cancer treatment looking like she was going in for a board meeting or a company hostile takeover. Showing up for Zoom meetings and video conferences from the comforts of your home is no different. Or wait maybe there is a minor difference worth noting: YOU ONLY NEED TO DRESS FROM THE WAIST UP!

And so I documented 4 looks that are safe to try at home. Some cautionary advice: beware of family members rolling their eyes out loud at you.


Agenda notwithstanding, dressing up for a board meeting from home can still be fun. Throw on a tailored jacket over your bottom of choice to look or feel that you mean business. There's a good possibility you will sound sharp and confident as you look when your boss starts bringing up quarterly targets. A cute neck scarf will add polish.


To set the mood, sit by the window to soak in the sun not only for good lighting but some good 'ole Vit D too. I thought of wearing a statement top with volume sleeves to dress up my paper bag shorts. Threw in a floppy brimmed hat for good measure. After all, we are discussing our next summer outing.


Perhaps one of my most favorite people to be in a meeting with are creatives. I absolute love the level of energy present when creative people are huddled together to discuss marketing plans et al. Such a Google calendar event usually prompts a more inspired #OOTD. Hence the layering of the Caucaia cropped top over a trusty linen buttondown. I may or may not be wearing bottoms with this WFH sartorial take but that's beside the point-- OR could be the whole point of this blog entry.

 Clocking off when working from home is just as important as clocking in. So when its time to celebrate the wins of the day, big or small, why don't you change out of your aforementioned #OOTDs into one of your fancy dresses hanging in your closet begging for your attention. Layer with your husband's dress shirt to make it more interesting and polish your look with gold baubles. Footwear optional. 

 Kin-Kin! We made it through Week 1 of lockdown and that's huge! I hope you are all taking care of your physical and mental health while staying in. 

Lots of love + a virgin Quarantini,


March 19, 2020

A Love Note from Our Founder

To our dearest Seekers,

It has taken us a while to write to you as we've been figuring out how best to serve you in these times.

Being a digital company, we feel fortunate that much of our business can be done remotely and this has been our setup since day one. Though we had to close our Guide Shop at the Powerplant Mall until further notice, our online shop has remained operational.

While it feels strange to go on business as usual, to halt operations online was never an option. As a small business we need to keep the lights on now more than over for our vendors, brand partners, suppliers, local artisans and daily-wagers who rely on the livelihood we are able to provide them through this platform.

Please know we are doing our best to get your orders out promptly as possible while staying safe. And we are very grateful for your support and understanding.

In a time of anxiety, the Seek the Uniq team is wondering what kind of content resonates most with you?

While we wait for your feedback we are committed to continue to create uplifting content in the way we know best: purveying what is healing to the heart, mind, and soul, through beauty and order. We will do our best to keep our channels open so that we may impart inspiring bits and pieces into your homes that you and your loved ones can enjoy.

Please stay calm, stay safe, and stay at home.

Leaving you with a photo from brighter days as a reminder of joyful jaunts that one day will return. xx

With lots of love + several pumps of Tea Tree hand sanitizer,

and Team Seek The Uniq

P.S. Deliveries within the Philippines will still be carried out albeit with inevitable delay. Deliveries to countries outside the Philippines will be suspended until further notice.

P.P.S. We will happily accommodate address changes and we are offering an extended return policy during this time.

For any concerns, please contact us through the following Customer Service channels:

Email: wecare@seektheuniq.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seektheuniq
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shopseektheuniq

Yellow There!

It's a jungle out there but we know that our resilience will help us rise above the crisis we are currently in. Despite being in these dark times, we choose to be positive and uplifting by continuing to inspire you, dear Seekers. Allow us to boost your spirits with some Vitamin F: Fashion!

While daring to some, we feel that yellow is such a powerful color. It's cheery, optimistic vibe will help lighten the dreary mood we now have. Not only is it a summer color, but also an essential STU one (we have an assortment of products in varying yellow hues). Allow us to indulge you in yellow-tinged outfits you can look forward to wearing once it's finally safe to go out, travel, push for that beach trip, head to work, and get-together with your friends. But then again, who are we to stop you from looking fab even at home?

Full-on Prints

Who doesn't love a print party? Sometimes it's better to make a statement than play safe. Try the Zwelitsha tiered skirt with the matching Welkom wrap top for an event or garden wedding. Downplay your accessories by going for neutral colored ones that won't overwhelm your total look. For a more casual take, opt for our comfy Theodore pants with the Emmet top. Stick to the color palette and play around with yellows and greens for accessorizing. As for shoes, sandals like the Aberdeen or sneakers, are best!

No-Brainer Dresses

Dresses are such easy pieces that on days when you're in a hurry or feeling lazy, you just throw them on and voila, you've got a look! The versatile Ustica is a must-have for out-of-town trips; wear it cinched at the waist with the belt tie, or loose and relaxed without. Is your birthday coming up? Be the belle of the ball in the Otranto wrap dress! Play it feminine with nude heels and gold danglers, or add an urban twist with sporty flatforms and a stack of rings.

Pops of Red


When a striking color meets another, the result is a daring yet playful look worth wearing. Inspired by the good 'ol ketchup and mustard combo, why not try the Kata maillot with a printed red coverup or robe (more here) for your next beach getaway? We're also diggin' resort chic looks and the Ayi set is one to utilize. Wear as is or as separates, then finish off with your chosen red accents and another summer essential—a hat!

Hoping these outfits cheered you up. What's your favorite? Tag us on social with #seektheuniq on how you would wear yellow!

Be safe and stay healthy!



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