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August 17, 2017

5 Flatlays to Get You Started on Your Long Weekend #OOTD’s

Looking forward to the long weekend? So are we! And together with sorting out your plans, let us give you #OOTD ideas via these five flatlays.

For a Date

Be it for a lunch or dinner date with your beau, wear the flirty Kerava jumpsuit with the hottest accessory right now: statement earrings. Try the Cerro pair in black and white to complement your ensemble. Put your hair up to not only show off those danglers, but also your décolletage – just the right hint of sexiness will do. Finish off with nude heels and a colorful weave bag like the Nivya, for that pop of color.

For a Beach Trip

Missing the summer sun? Take advantage of the long weekend for a trip to the beach! Ditch your usual bikini for a more fashion forward swimsuit like the Noir. Go all weave everything with your chosen bag, platforms, and a visor. Contrast your beach ready look with a fruity pair of earrings (watch out for this style soon!). And remember, sporting a sunburn isn’t fashionable at all, so don’t forget to pack our beach essentials like the Amazing Maui Babe Tan Enhancer, Amazing Maui Babe Browning Lotion, and the BeachBorn Lip Sun Balm.

For Me Time

Make this weekend the perfect “me time” by discovering new places or trying out new things…in style, of course! Don a dress in a cool blue like the Sastamala, and be simply chic by either wearing it off-the-shoulder or as a shirt dress. Go tonal with comfy footwear that can last you all day, and accessorize with a playful pair of earrings like the Susella, to break the monotony of it all.

For a Workout

Catch up on your fitness goals by taking time to workout this weekend with your gym buddies. How to motivate yourself? Definitely with cute workout gear! Layer the Sai hoodie over the Aito sports bra, and either wear with printed leggings or shorts like the Toribio. Carry a trusty water bottle like the MyTagAlongs Water Bottle to keep hydrated. Spritz on the Avène Thermal Water for a refreshed feeling after killing it at the gym or yoga class.

For a Mini Party

The long weekend calls for a celebration, so why not host a small party with your best girls? Life’s too short not to go colorful, so amp up your look in a party skirt, worn with a versatile white top such as the Kokkola. Add festive fringe earrings like the Machito, and put on your dancing heels. Now that’s one boomerang-worthy look, right there!

Hope these flatlays inspire you as much as we enjoyed curating them. Get your game face on and savor the long weekend, Seekers!





August 07, 2017

A Seeker's Spin: Tin

Tin wears the Kotka cropped top in reverse and pairs it with her own army green ruffled skirt for contrast. 

For Tin Coquiero, Rockwell's Assistant VP and General Manager for Retail, love for fashion comes naturally. I've been a follower ever since she caught my eye in STU's feed and became an instant fan of her personal style, defined in her own words, "classic & feminine added with a bit of playfulness and edge." Tin, a huge fan of patterns, details and textures shares, "I love asymmetric cuts, fringe, lace, leather, chiffon and if I could, I'd wear them all at the same time!" Love a girl with confidence and enthusiasm in finding joy in dressing. 

Her strategy in styling the pieces I chose was to make it "wearable without being predictable. I mixed solids and patterns, injected details that I love like ruffles and fringe with minimal layering, topped off with my work shoes to give it the corporate touch." 

Being a busy mom and wife, I wanted to know her take on planning her wardrobe for the week. "There are days when I plan my outfits the night before but sometimes, I just dress according to my mood that morning." Her advice? "Think of yourself as the newly appointed fashion editor of a magazine. Dressing in a corporate setting doesn't have to be boring, nor does it mean you have to wear branded head to toe, but rather knowing what looks good on you and relying on your creativity in putting outfits together. Invest in good heels and a good haircut to complete the package." 

Tin's parting words for women in corporate who are at a loss wardrobe-wise: "while corporate dressing is to a certain extent, dressing to impress, it's important that you feel good when you do it. Because once you start feeling good about yourself, it changes your mood and outlook. And sometimes, that's all you ever need to win that vote of confidence."

No wonder this super mom and #girlboss is winning in life! Scroll down on how she styled our versatile pieces fit for the conference room (and cocktails after hours).  

I love a girl who wears a men's watch. So much more interesting than blingy, girly details. 

Tin carries her personalized woven bag from STU's creative escape in Morocco. 

We all fell in love with how she styled the Forssa dress in saddle. Totally unexpected to tie a chambray shirt around the waist as accent! 

Ingenious, no

She goes for print on print mixing black, white and baby pink with the Lohja gingham top. 

Her pink pouf earrings were the icing on the cake! 

Tin smartly pairs the cozy Colleen sweater dress under the Buelna paper bag skirt creating a whole different outfit! 

Accessorized with the Susella tassel earrings.  

 How to make coordinates corporate-friendly? Layer the Heinola tank top over a dressy tee, pair it with the matching pants and wear contrasting leopard pumps for an edgy touch! 

Pick up some snacks while at lunch break with the botad net bag. 


Have a great work week ahead, Seekers! 



August 04, 2017

Stament Earrings 2.0

When Two Become One

Layering is nothing new in the world of fashion, thing is the usual idea we have is throwing on a jacket or scarf on to change up an outfit. But what if you layered earrings? Like putting two pieces together to create a ‘brand new’ accessory or even to just give your outfit a little something. Well, here at the HQ we thought it would be an interesting little project to layer some earrings and the results may just shock you! So if you’re ready, keep reading and you might just find something new to keep you preoccupied over the weekend. The perfect trick to help spruce up your next outfit!


Pairing Number 1:

For this first look, we put together the Shea hoop earrings and the Roquetas black fringe to come up with this piece that I think is totally perfect for a (possibly romantic) dinner or even a fun night out! It’s got that fun get dainty feel to it making it a great balance for practically any occasion.


Just grab a pair of pliers, twist off the hooks on the black fringe earrings (carefully of course). After that, we removed some of the flowers from the hoop earrings then slid the fringe ones in the middle before putting the flowers back on to the hoops.

 The Result:


Pairing Number Two:

For the second paring, we decided to put the Alpi acrylic pair and the Machito earrings together. I think this is the perfect sort of combo to rock at the beach. It’ll definitely give your resort worthy ensembles a great pop of color.


We literally just hooked the tassel earring on to the Alpi to create this! Just make sure to tape the attached earring on to the main one to make sure it doesn’t fall off or anything. I suggest a tiny strip of electric tape to do the trick!

 The Result:


Pairing Number Three:


Again, we carefully removed the hook from the Roquetas fringe earrings and got a pair of statement stud earrings, put the stud through the tiny hole where the hook was removed and put the stopper on. It’s a good way to mix edgy and girly pieces together. Giving that outfit the perfect balance!

The Result:


Pairing Number Four:


We used the Tandil fringe earrings and the Lilith danglers and removed the hook from the Tandil and use the stud of the Lilith to keep them both together. This is a bit more of girly and glam mixed up because of the color, the details and that tiny hint of bling of course.

The Result


Pairing Number Five:


Grab a pair of earrings – in this case a pair of Yarumal tiered fringe earrings – and again carefully remove the hooks from them. Put that aside and get your own stud earrings, for this look I got a pair of my floral diamond studs and attached the dangling earrings on to them. It’s a bit more on the simpler side and something that can definitely be used everyday!

 The Result:

Now, I think it’s about time to get crafty with this fab and fun DIY idea!



July 25, 2017

A Seeker's Spin: Liza

Liza adds a vintage kimono over the Luena maxi dress to temper the girliness "that's not really my style", she said. 

"I never think of myself as a rebel when it comes to dressing for my age. I really just
wear what I like!", says Liza Ilarde, fashion industry pioneer, Editor of Manila Bulletin's Style Weekend and print lover. You know you're dealing with a style veteran when she tells you she only prepared her outfits the night before yet comes up with the most inventive styling tricks. "I didn't have time to try them all on but in my head, I think it works." One look at the pieces hanging in the closet told me it did, and once she put them on, it was a feast for the eyes of everyone in the room.

It's how Liza mixes high and low, unexpected cuts and silhouettes plus a dash of quirky accessories that makes her the antithesis of the safe, sometimes pedestrian style of Pinays. "Women of any age should wear what they like, what makes them feel confident and what they define as comfortable, as long as they keep in mind that the outfit is appropriate for the occasion, the location and audience." 

If you're a follower of Liza on Instagram, you'd be familiar with her #ilardelizaprintaday posts where she documents the many printed garments she wears for the various events in her life, personal and professional. How DOES she pull off this tricky styling prowess? 

"One has to have to have an eye for mixing prints—I guess I have it! If you don’t and
would like to experiment, there are general rules to keep in mind:

  • Choose prints that have the same scale and a similar color palette.
  • Keep it to two prints at a time (although three is not uncommon for me).
  • Your shoes and bag should pick up a color from the print; or to be safe, make it a neutral shade.
  • Simple accessories work best to avoid looking overly decorated.
  • A streamlined silhouette makes the prints be the focus of your outfit, so avoid details like ruffles, ruching or anything with too much volume.
  • As a start, try to pair a linear print (stripes, plaid) with something fluid (florals, leopard)."

It was a trip to see Liza's look evolve from Palm Beach Chic to English Rose in a blink of an eye using STU's latest pieces---some of which were miles away from her own personal style---injected with her signature eclectic cool. 

Note the greyness of her kimono, how it complements the shade of blue and ribbon accent. 

Her origami-like purse completes the oriental feel of the whole outfit. 

"I wanted to winterize this dress," she explained to me as she piled on the layers. Such a unique take on the Benguela tie dress! 

The striped turtleneck added an interesting touch to the dusky shade, contrasting beautifully. Her knee high boots (bought for a steal from Marc by Marc Jacobs), worn with leggings, kept the look streamlined as it connected with the mullet hemline. 

Liza shows off her styling skills in this signature print on print look, once again using her striped turtleneck, this time with the Cochabamba printed skirt! 

Observe how the black and white stripe picks up the colors in the print without competing. Finish off with white sneakers and a wicker basket, both in neutral shades. 

"I love how this looks in person!," Liza says of the Vacoas pleated midi. She looks every bit the prim and proper lady especially with her sequin jacket and rose gold pumps. 

Learn to mix different textures for an interesting take. The top, bag and shoes all belong to the same color family thus keeping the whole ensemble cohesive, not overpowering the busy skirt print. 

Liza transforms into the cool gypset in the Lucapa blouse when she pairs it with equally somber shades of maroon and brown. 

Her suede sandals offer the right texture thanks to the criss cross detail; without it, the whole look would feel too covered up. 

The Waku embroidered light jacket is the ideal topper for our tropical climate and becomes the star of this simple t-shirt and jeans combo. 

A printed straw basket is so much more interesting than a plain canvas tote! 

Get imaginative with your wardrobe and take note. You'll be a master in print mixing in no time! 



July 10, 2017

Taking Activewear Beyond the Gym

There's a running joke amongst housewives or SAHM (stay at home moms) who love working out: they end up living in their yoga / gym / spinning clothes all day or week and wear it to do errands / go to the salon / mani-pedi and school pick-ups. I'm often asked by women how they can look polished even in workout clothes. Can't really blame them. As someone who works from home herself, I often grab my comfy gym leggings and sneakers to do the grocery or run errands. Lately though, I've been more conscious and try to dress up more (albeit still wearing said gym leggings) and pairing them with a dressy top. It IS possible! 

I was chatting with Vanessa Mayuga Santos when the idea for this story came up. Van is a beauty junkie turned yogi who lives for these comfortable threads featured below. She curates the beauty section in STU and now, Movement, where she features local brands who make such stylish workout wear that it's easy to see why it has raked in a cult following. I tell her I'm so into wearing body suits with pants nowadays. Save for the hassle of having to take it off every bathroom trip, it's super flattering and hugs your body in all the right places. Plus, I realize, it's perfect for hot and humid weather since the material is built for warm temps. Van agrees and suggests we make a post out of it and an instant shoot was born. 

Scroll down and learn how you can style your favorite workout gear beyond the mat and straight into cocktails with just a quick switch of tops or bottoms. You'll thank us when you're breaking a sweat dancing without a hint of discomfort. Just go easy on the drinks! 

This bright body suit by Love and Madness in whale flowers is a must-have in your wardrobe. It photographs nicely seashore as well as in a garden soiree or brunch with the girls when paired with these Belfiore paper bag trousers. 

Jazz it up with simple gold danglers to complement the busy print. The low back is an unexpected surprise, sexy without being vulgar. Paper bag pants are extremely flattering because it hides prominent hips while making the waist appear slim thanks to the detail plus it sits at the smallest part of the body. It's especially useful if you plan to eat as it hides that extra bulge and lets you "exhale". This outfit is a spin on the sweater and skirt combo that I love. Though unexpected, the Kei Hoodie in gray works when paired with the Makaha floral maxi skirt because of the cropped cut and muted, pastel colors. Notice the play in texture: knits and chiffon create an interesting contrast. Add a statement insect ring to anchor the blooms in the skirt. A twinset this pretty shouldn't be limited to the gym alone. The Tori jacket and matching Rie top works well with the Turda lace midi skirt for a couple of reasons: it lends an unusual twist to the total look; it plays down the dressy vibe of the skirt so you can wear it on more casual occasions; both belong in the same color family (black) and doesn't look too severe thanks to the stripe and floral print; and it's so cute paired with lace wedge espadrilles!  It's important to keep a color scheme going when pairing polar opposite pieces so there's consistency and coordination. Another bodysuit makes the list, this time in ebony with ombré effect crystals. The Noir stardust suit makes the ideal canvas for the more prominently printed Limassol maxi skirt in complementing shades of red and white. It works for the conservative type since it's tempered with simple white sneakers and devoid of accessories to veer from looking too cluttered. 

Wearing print on print heavily depends on the color scheme and the size of the print. This pairing works because both pieces share one common shade (white) and the top's print is smaller and more subdued than the skirt's. I'm a fan of wearing leggings under skirts especially on cooler climates. This combo works like a charm even in Manila weather, thanks to the slits on the Roalto lace up skirt offering a peek into the cute print of these Noir mosaic leggings while letting air in. Think of it as having built-in AC for your legs. Keep everything else toned down with a simple round neck and white leather sneakers.A lightweight multiway cardigan like the Hanuman  is handy to own not only for working out but for a myriad of occasions as well. This particular outfit is something I'd wear on a flight, sight-seeing or even a semi-formal garden event. I paired it with the Makaha black floral maxi with old rose flowers to complement the beige cover up. Topped it off with a mauve tank and dusty pink patent leather brogues for a comfy and easy vibe. A closer look at the details of the ultra soft cover up. I swear, you wouldn't want to take it off. 

Happy experimenting! 



May 09, 2017

Summer's Hero Pieces, Reinvented for the City

Summer is in full swing and I'm sure that if you could leave the house in your swimsuit you would, pretending that you're off to a tropical getaway. Can't really blame you; with skies this clear and blue, all I ever want is to be by the water---beach or pool, I'll take it! 

What's the next best thing to not being by the shore? Looking cute while traversing the concrete jungle, of course! We made it easier for you to beat the heat by extending your summer wardrobe beyond the season and into your air-conditioned offices, staple restos and malls, even towards the cooler months. 

We took four summer pieces and styled them for the city so you won't have to worry about limiting them to your next holiday and more importantly, maximize the cost per wear. You're welcome! 

The Pinyon bow cropped top looks cute on it's own, no doubt. 

 ...but layer it over a striped tee and it becomes a vest of sorts, totally appropriate for the office or a weekend trip to Tagaytay. 

Don't be afraid to do stripes x 3! When it's in neutral tones like black and white all over, the red becomes the statement shade. Keep accessories on the neutral side too, to make the total look cohesive. 

The Mazatlan off-shoulder dress  in eyelet with a neon pink print is practically a summer uniform. It's a no-brainer putting this on in the morning plus it's super flattering on any body type! 

We made it cool-clime appropriate by layering a chambray polo shirt underneath to complement the minimal print. Finish off with wedge espadrilles and you're ready to take it to a weekend soiree in your al fresco bar of choice. 

We buttoned the shirt all the way to keep it looking neat and polished. Roll up the sleeves up to the elbows so it doesn't overwhelm the whole look. 

The Toszek deconstructed halter top is a modern take on the sleeveless button down. While it looks great on it's own, I think it works brilliantly as a layering piece.


The top (here in wine) is a chic alternative to a vest, perfect for the office when worn over a shoulder-baring cotton top and wide-legged pants. Add heeled slides and enter the boardroom like a boss! 

You can opt to layer it over a long sleeved tee if this is deemed too casual or wear a print that goes with the rich crimson shade like small florals or paisley. 

We all know a jumpsuit is the easiest way to look polished in the heat and this Bozcow linen pair spells summer like no other! 

We found a way for you to wear your swimsuit in the city by pairing it with the jumpsuit sans the top! It's way chicer than regular pants and by tying the sleeves around your waist, it's even on-trend! 

 Top off the look with statement earrings in navy to keep with the color theme.  

Enjoy the rest of your summer! 





April 26, 2017

A Seeker's Spin: Michelle

She lends her signature layering skills to the Scarlett one shoulder top and goes the edgy boardroom route, appropriate for work in the creative field. 


"What's your vice?", I ask Michelle Lao when she said she didn't drink, after Mikka offered her some chardonnay. At the STU HQ, Happy Hour is a regular event as much as a state of mind, no matter the time of day. She didn't skip a beat and said, "shopping!" It was no surprise; everyday wear for Michelle is always a major effort, albeit pulling it off so effortlessly. It's her innate personal style that trumps over the fashion therefore she wears the clothes and not the other way around. As a consultant for the high end imported brands at Suyen Corp. and co-owner of shoe accessory Fringy, it's a natural progression and both are jobs she takes seriously and tackles with gusto, in the most interesting ensembles you'll only see during fashion week abroad. 

We were naturally curious on how she'd style STU's latest goods, putting her own spin on the classic and boho pieces, truly making it her own. There was an informal panel at the shoot and every outfit change was met with a "where would you wear that?" Amused, Michelle gets in on the joke and would say "to the grocery!" or "at the office!"

Any which way, it works splendidly for us. 

Michelle is quite the accessory hoarder especially brooches, earrings and bangles. 


This very summery and vibrant floral wrap skirt is tempered with a nautical-themed jacket and sporty mesh bandeau, giving it a preppy/athleisure twist. She keeps the look polished with wrap around pumps and an unusual leather clutch. 

The Sidi embroidered mini dress is worn as a top, layered over classic stripes and matched with neutral drop crotch pants to anchor the busy upper half. 

When doing print on print, it's imperative to keep it in the same color family so it remains cohesive. 

Another floral wrap skirt, this time in cool shades of white and blue is kept casual with a cheeky t-shirt and embellished sandals. 

Mixing dressy earrings with a tee is super fresh! 

The Asuna platform abaca espadrilles from Wataru gets the ladylike treatment, worn with two kinds of gingham in different sizes. The red, white and blue palette makes for a perfect combo with the black platforms. 

The Vana sweetheart neckline off shoulder top may be top of mind for more dressy occasions but it works wonderfully for casual days, too. Layered with a simple cotton tank, it's fit for a weekend fiesta out of town, especially this summer. 

These are the new edition Fringys featuring a wider width and more...fringe! Follow them in IG @fringyph. 

Have a colorful summer, seekers! 


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