At Home With Ces Drilon

by Japs Medina December 03, 2022

At Home With Ces Drilon


Having a tenacity that once was spent on journalism, the invincible Ces Drilon now pours out the same energy towards a new love interest: her growing garden venture, Provenciana. Ces opened up her doors to Team STU only for us to discover her home lined with an interesting array of artworks that she has collected over the years (many of which held captivating stories), as well as her adorable brood of playful Shiba Inus. 

Now focused on her entrepreneurial venture, Ces proudly shares her rooftop garden where she mostly sources from and produces Provenciana's iconic smudge sticks. Get to know how her day-to-day has changed and how she deals with overwhelm and anxiety in this feature.


Seek The Uniq Ces DrilonCes all cozied up inside her artwork-lined home in the Kourou top and pants set


Since leaving your anchor seat and jumping into an entrepreneurial life, how has your day-to-day changed?

My day to day schedule has changed drastically. My schedule has become more flexible but sometimes even busier than before! The big change is I have more freedom to plan my day. Since starting Provenciana, I begin my day very early in the garden. It is the best way to start the morning with a cup of coffee and taking in the beauty of blossoming flowers and budding plants. I dry leaves and flowers to adorn our positivity boxes, hence it is related to work but I do enjoy it so much! It never fails to bring a smile to my face and sense of gratitude for the natural beauty that surrounds me.


What does your daily uniform look like?

I love wearing easy and relaxed clothes. Comfort is the number one consideration. But I love to dress up too which I get to do now and again when attending receptions or taping for my soon to be launched show, Usapang Bilyonaryo.


 Seek The Uniq Ces DrilonProvenciana's smudge sticks are essentials in keeping her aligned throughout her busy day


What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since going the entrepreneurial route?

You can’t micro manage! Hahahaha


You are well known for being a tenacious journalist. What is Ces Drilon like on her days off and down times?

On my downtime, I enjoy streaming shows about food, nature and fashion. I enjoy watching competitions where real skill and creativity is involved. I really enjoy cooking and designing competitions.


If there’s one piece of clothing or accessory that you could revive from your earlier fashion years, what would it be?

Wearing a necktie!


In dressing up, less is more or more is more?

Less is more, but I veer to more is more. I’m really meant to break rules!


If you could design one item for your adorable Shiba Inus in collaboration with Seek The Uniq, what would it be and why?

Just scarves! For me they are the most practical because honestly dogs don’t like too many things on their bodies. They will not move! They will be funny statues! We’ve tried it and always burst out laughing because they just stay in place. This will be a great way for Seek the Uniq to use excess fabric! It will be great to reduce waste!

 Seek The Uniq Ces DrilonCes tells the stories behind the different pieces of art she has collected over the years. (The art enthusiast is pictured in the Coutada dress.)


Drop the handles of three IG accounts you are loving at the moment.

@provenciana.naturals (hahahaha)   




You like to collect a lot of art. What usually draws you to an art piece?

I can’t put my finger on it. In looking at art works you just look for something unusual. There is always an X factor that appeals to you. I like fun and quirky pieces.


As someone in the public eye, do you deal with overwhelm or anxiety? If you do, how do you handle them?

For sure! That is why the smudge stick is perfect for me. The scent helps ground me. And the act of sending out positive vibes is also very healing for me. Also I always try to see the positive things in life. And not to be so hard on myself. I try to always affirm and celebrate me.


 Seek The Uniq Ces DrilonHandpicked and handmade - Ces prides herself in curating the best ingredients for Provenciana's smudge sticks


If you can have lunch with anyone, whether they have passed or not, who would it be and why?

Jose Rizal. He would make for a fascinating interview!


If you could be anywhere in the world, what would your idea of a perfect day be?

I would love to have my little garden going in Cavite (am not calling it a farm because it is just a small parcel of land) and a perfect day would be just tending it or relaxing under the shade of a tree with a glass of wine admiring my surroundings and inhaling fresh air. 1


What’s on your “Get Ready With Me” playlist?

I am a child of the seventies! And I love listening to music of that era! Soul and a little disco.


 Seek The Uniq Ces Drilon

Ready to go! Ces is pictured with the ingredients that were meticulously dried by herself and her growing team. (Ces is pictured in the Issano dress.)


What’s one advice you would give to your younger self?

I would tell my younger self to be a little more cautious and less headstrong and impulsive. But looking back it all worked out and I have no regrets. Regrets are a waste of time. The important thing is to learn from your mistakes because you will definitely make a lot of them!

Japs Medina
Japs Medina


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