A Seeker's Spin: Crystalle Ozamis

by Nasia Cammayo Reyes June 29, 2024

A Seeker's Spin: Crystalle Ozamis

Spin and Row Instructor and Real Estate Developer Executive, Crystalle Ozamis, is sitting pretty in the Naifaru dress. 
One sunny Saturday morning, we played dress up with the über fit and stunning, Crystalle Ozamis. She welcomed the team in her cozy flat and introduced us to her adorable fur baby, Elvis (who played a supporting role in the shoot!). Of course, we wouldn't let the day pass without asking her fitness tips and secrets. As a spin and row instructor—you may have taken one of her classes already—to one of the hottest fitness boutiques in Manila, she is an athlete in her own right. Crystalle is disciplined, but with her line of work (fitness and real estate), she has created a balance that works for her. 
While this girl boss is usually in activewear, she actually loves dressing up. Crystalle has quite a feminine style with an offbeat touch. She loves her colorful pieces balanced with easy yet comfortable cuts. Ahead, seek her picks and take cues on how she styled them. While you're at it, get to know this fitspiration in our interview with her below. 
Want a chic, no-fuss dress you can style with either sandals or sneakers? The Eenhana maxi dress could just be what you're looking for.
What's a normal day in your life like? 
I am an early-to-bed, early-to-rise kind of person. It's almost embarrassing but I'm in bed by 9 pm and sleep before 10 pm. I’m up at 5am, sometimes at 4:30am. I like to take my time in the morning and have a moment of solitude before I get my day started. I’ll do a brisk workout before heading out then the majority of my day is spent working in the office. I end my day winding down at home switching between reading a book or watching TV. I make it a priority not to overplan my time outside of work so I can have the flexibility to do what I want at that very moment.
You are juggling careers in real estate and fitness. How do you keep yourself relevant with the changing times?
It's pretty easy to keep up nowadays with all the technology available, in fact it's hard not to. The access to social media is a great tool in expanding your network and community. However, it can also be impersonal. As best as I can, I try to live and share memories in the moment so I can make maximum impact.
Crystalle likes to wind down after a busy day with a good book. She is wearing the embroidered Candarave dress.


Share with us three valuable lessons you’ve learned that help you in navigating your career.

If there's something you don't understand just ask. Don't fake it until you make it. Have the humility to accept your deficiencies. Adopting a learning mindset is the key to growth and gaining wisdom.

Be accountable, own your decisions and actions. Be gracious when receiving  either praise or criticism. 

Always treat the people around you equally and fairly.

What empowers you as a woman? On the flip side, how do you think are you empowering other women? 

I think the best way to empowerment regardless of gender is knowing yourself and not comparing yourself with anyone because others will always have more or less. It will just give you a false sense of judgment about yourself. Be true to yourself, develop a strong sense of self-worth, and don't be afraid of other people's reactions. Welcome the voices around you with unbothered energy.

The Maroshi skirt set is actually a Seeker fave.

Don't you just love prints? This fitspo rocks the Naifaru dress.

You’ve got a killer body! Can you share tips on how to kick start an active lifestyle or improve on one’s wellness? 

Sleep is the most important. It would be challenging to keep your fitness and nutrition in check if you're tired and dragging yourself. Try not to make it a thing and don't obsess about it, just find an activity you like that will make you move, eat sensibly, and get a good amount of sleep.

Maintain a regular practice of mind and body rituals that serve you. Keep it as less complicated as possible and avoid having too many rules and restrictions. Remind yourself that you're making these changes to feel good, not the other way around.

Aside from being a fitspiration, you are a style inspiration too! Describe your personal style. What makes it “Uniq”? 

I feel like I'm a wreck half the time. I'm not great at putting on makeup or meticulously styling myself. I suppose my style works because I am comfortable in my own skin. 

The Idalia ruffle swimsuit is an upgrade of the basic one-piece. 

Crystalle shows us how to work the Silas one-piece from the beach to the city by styling it as a top. Try it with the Honiara skirt and the crafty Bianca clutch.

Does being a wellness advocate impact your style choices? How?

For sure. These days I'm a casual kind of girl. I go with what's easy and sustainable. I rarely try outrageous things and follow trends anymore, I just want to be the best version of myself. I'm such a creature of habit and convenience that I tend to go with what works for me and what's comfortable.

Blue sets, anyone? Crystalle is event-ready in the Soweto pants set (left). The Rotava is for dressed down days.

You have five minutes to get ready. What’s your final look?

I will most likely end up in a dress with colored shoes/sandals (I don't own a pair of any black shoes) and some jewelry I never take off.

Share a fashion moment that’s one for the books.

That's a good question. I have yet to have one of those moments!

Elvis clearly stole the show! Crystalle is a breath of fresh air in the Tuschen shorts set.

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Nasia Cammayo Reyes
Nasia Cammayo Reyes


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