A Seeker's Spin: Marie Lozano-Gekoski

by Nasia Cammayo Reyes May 25, 2024

A Seeker's Spin: Marie Lozano-Gekoski

Lifestyle Journalist and TV Host, Marie Lozano-Gekoski, will always be a beach babe. Here, she lounges in the Cassia bikini and the Hannia eyelet cover-up.
On meeting or seeing Marie Lozano-Gekoski, you may think: is she an actress? Or a model? Professionally, she is not, but she shares the same grind with individuals whose work requires them to be in front of the camera. Marie has been in the media and entertainment industry for over two decades. She started as a news reporter, then eventually transitioned into lifestyle journalism. From covering natural disasters to interviewing Hollywood celebrities such as Charlize Theron, Chris Evans, and Mark Hamill, Marie's fruitful career has brought her at the top of her game. She has remained driven, adventurous, and always thinking of what's next (she decided to feature Seek the Uniq on her ANC show, At The Moment, to utilize the photoshoot).
Apart from her illustrious career, Marie is known for her impeccable style. She has been included in numerous best dressed lists and we just can't help but admire her easy, yet utterly chic sense of style. This new wife may have moved from the city to the island life, but she is a fashion girl through and through. This feature will give you a taste of her "island girl" life and style, as she oozes with confidence and flair in pieces from our latest collections. Seek serious wanderlust style from Marie, right about now!
Shot on location at WHERE IS WINA?
Marie stuns in the Sienna cutout swimsuit.
Congratulations on being newly married and on having such a picturesque wedding! How have things changed since then? 
There is a peace that comes with commitment. Things have been mostly the same but with a sense of permanence—which is what marriage is about, right? It’s also only been five months since we eloped to Zimbabwe so we are still on extended honeymoon.
You have an illustrious career as a lifestyle journalist and TV host. How do you keep yourself relevant with the changing times?


You need to keep learning.


With or without a cover-up? We can't seem to choose! The svelte Marie rocking the Cassia bikini and the Hannia eyelet cover-up.

Share with us three valuable lessons you’ve learned that help you in navigating your career.

As a journalist, you need to learn not to take things personally—remember, it is not about you, it’s about the person you are featuring and their stories. Stay informed. Keep up with trends, cultural shifts, and emerging topics within the lifestyle niche. Find a good and relevant angle to your story. 

Have you always wanted to become a reporter or TV host? Who were your inspirations growing up?

No, I fell into this job by accident. I just found myself reading from a teleprompter and auditioning for the ABS-CBN news before I graduated from university. It was a love-hate relationship because I didn’t like hearing my voice and I was too self-critical to watch myself on TV. It took a very long time to embrace my role. I realized I am a storyteller and if I deliver compelling stories that people not only remember but impact them, then I’ve done my job well. 

Marie shows us how to style the Sienna cutout swimsuit from the poolside to the city, with printed wide-leg pants.

Chic separates are definitely our jam. Marie in chill mode. 

How do you accomplish things despite having a jam-packed schedule? Any tips that you can share to those who are struggling with this, especially to working moms like yourself? 

There is never enough time in a day for me. What you see as someone who can juggle multiple roles is just an image. I struggle just like everyone. Never believe what you see in social media. That’s not real life. 

What empowers you as a woman? On the flip side, how do you think are you empowering other women? 

Empowerment for me as a woman comes from embracing my voice and advocating for what I believe in. Whether it's standing up for myself in challenging situations, or championing causes that are important to me, knowing that I have the ability to make a difference empowers me.

Additionally, surrounding myself with a supportive network of friends, family, and a partner who lifts me up and encourages me to pursue my goals gives me strength and confidence. Taking ownership of my own happiness and well-being by prioritizing self-care, setting boundaries, and pursuing my passions spurs me on to live authentically and unapologetically.

A dress with a party-at-the-back flair—the Avani.

You are such a style inspiration! Describe your personal style. What makes it “so Marie”?

Thank you. My style is all about embracing comfort, versatility and effortlessness. It’s a fusion of beachy vibes and athletic flair. This reflects my love for both relaxation and activity. 

What style lessons can you impart to others, especially those who haven’t found their personal style yet?

Dress for yourself, don’t dress to impress others. Let it be an expression of your personality or the life you want to live. I dress up like I am always on vacation because I want to live my life that way. 

 Marie styles the Varadero playsuit with complementing neutral wedge sandals.

You have five minutes to get ready. What’s your final look? 

Athleisure—tank top, yoga pants and a cap. 

Share a fashion moment that’s one for the books. 

My wedding day. I wore a dress by my dear friend Mark Bumgarner and then changed to a dress by Rosa Clara. It would not really classify it as a fashion moment—it was a life-changing moment!

Marie always reaches for resort-ready looks such as the Monterosso linen dress.

Shop Marie's looks here.

Nasia Cammayo Reyes
Nasia Cammayo Reyes


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