AHC Time Rewind Eye Cream - 12ml

  • AHC is a South Korean skincare brand that made its debut in 1999 in Seoul, within high-end aesthetic spas and dermatological clinics. It was then acquired by Unilever in November 2017 from skincare business Carver Korea. Anti-aging begins with a skin care for the eyes. Among all skincare products, their eye creams have the highest concentration of the most advanced anti-aging technology.
  • AHC TIME REWIND EYE CREAM - contains collagen, similar to human collagen, micro-sized into for skin deep anti-aging effect. Improves signs of aging around the eyes, also suitable to use on laugh lines, neck, and forehead wrinkles.
    • Provides moisturizing and nourishing benefits by collagen, elastin, peptides, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, etc.
    • Whitening & Wrinkle improvement
    • Human-like collagen (water-soluble collagen) replenishes skin elasticity
  • HOW TO USE: Apply gently around eye area with ring finger.  Use day and night.
    • #THE VAINMAMA TIP: AHC is best known for their eye creams. Their unique concept of "Eye Cream for Face" was developed to introduce the concept of applying this richness to the entire face, elevating eye cream into the realm of total facial care.