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Soul Stone Bracelet - Light Red Jasper

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  • LIGHT RED JASPER Natural Healing Bracelet - Red Jasper is a very calming stone and stimulates the Root Chakra.  Red Jasper is very encouraging, and aids in resolving difficult situations.  It can also be used to ground and stabilize the Aura.  Red Jasper stones are the mood stabilizers we could all use a little more of throughout the day.
  • The Red Jasper properties grab hold of your root chakra and plant it firmly within the positive, nurturing and motivated energy of the Earth. By adding stability to these lower chakras, you are less likely to be toppled by the emotional turbulence of higher chakras. If you are a worrier, consult a Red Jasper stone to dim those constant thoughts, and sleep, live and love with greater ease.
  • All natural genuine crystal stones
  • Length: 18.5 cm 
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP:  As it is made from natural crystals there will be naturally occurring variations and imperfections. Try to avoid contact with sweat, remove the pendant during shower. Suitable for sensitive skin.