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by Vanessa Santos March 04, 2016


 Our beauty category would not be complete without curated Wellness finds. One person who inspired our selection is Monique Borja-Gonzales.  She is a woman who values health as much as beauty (not to mention is a loyal seeker too).

 I met Monique years ago; she was one of my very first yoga teachers. Her peaceful and beautiful aura always brings a special energy to her classes.

Monique describes herself in her own words: "I am a wife, mom (expecting baby number 2 soon), yoga teacher, and entrepreneur. I am passionate about health and fitness and this dictates much of my lifestyle... I also love everything about travel - as it gives me the chance to discover new experiences in life and in work." 


 These are Monique's TOP 10 favorites from the site:


1) RITUAL Massage Therapy Set
My husband and I have massages at home twice a week, it's been on our schedule since we started dating. This set from RITUAL is perfect. I also respect the brand for staying true to its local organic platform.

2) ITWORKS! Deep Sleep Oil

I sleep like a pro. I have quite a selection of these sleep potions by my night stand, this is one of my favorites!


3) BLISS Lemon + Sage Body Butter
I discovered this lovely product when I stayed at W Hotel, Hong Kong. I was so enthralled by the combination of lemon and sage. Afraid I would run out, I hoarded for myself and gave some to my friends. Amazed to find this at SKU!!

4) SPARROW Aroma Room Fragrance Diffuser
Apart from the fragrance, I love the packaging. It makes for a nice gift for any occasion. Of course knowing the maker makes it an even better find, Cat Cantada is a wonderfully bright and cheery person whom I know I can trust with creating products.


5) GRANDMA's Secret Spot Remover
Always comes handy and a true miracle worker. Somebody gave me this as a gift years ago and I've been hooked ever since.



6) MUSTELA Mustela Bestseller Kit

I received this kit when I was a brand new mom, and this was a life saver! It gave us all that we needed to take care of our baby. My daughter is one year old now, and I've continued using Mustela on her.


7) SKII Skincare
I have experimented with so many beauty products, and this one works best for my skin. I noticed a difference in texture after using it religiously for 3-6 weeks. No more experimenting for me, I found it.


8) PIXI Glow Mist

I tend to have dry skin, especially when I travel. It is made with Propolis and Argan Oil. I love how a single spritz of this mist feels on my face. It instantly refreshes my bare skin. When using it after putting on make up, it sets everything in place and gives a nice finish.


9) YOGALOVE Healing Cream in Cooling Chamomile
Obviously biased to include this on my list, but I promise it is a daily staple! When I created this product I was looking for a muscle relaxant that didn't smell like granny came for a visit. I use the Healing Cream before yoga, when I have sore muscles, stuffy nose, or just need a pick me upper. It is so good you can't help but share it. 


10) YOGALOVE All Around Spray in Wild Garden

Messy Bessy helped me formulate the perfect combination of essential oils to create the YogaLove line. This Antibacterial Spray may be used on yourself and your yoga equipment to keep them fresh and free of all germs. Many yogis use this as a mat spray during practice to avoid slipping. The scent both relaxes and energizes at the same time.  

Monique shares the journey of YogaLove - "It's humble beginning was as a product I wanted to share to a small circle of yoga practitioners, and has now grown to so many other curious seekers." 

Like Monique, we should all strive for inner beauty (rooted in wellness) that shines through.


Your Purveyor of Beauty,



Vanessa Santos
Vanessa Santos


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