STU Woman: Eloise Alba Carballo

by Mikka Padua March 01, 2016

The STU Woman. A project long over due with quite some time coming. Over the course of the last 3 years, I've come across incredibly inspiring women from all walks of life and from different corners of the world. I thought of documenting them but didn't really know where to start.

Alas, a blog entry. But. I want it to go beyond a 300-word count post with pretty pictures. Simply because the women we shortlisted have in one way or another immensely inspired us (knowingly or unknowingly). Being surrounded by these accomplished, multi-tasking, smart, and dynamic women help shape the way our little venture is now. Because of them, we are constantly trying to evolve, be better and respond to their ever changing needs may it be for their closets, their living rooms, their bookshelves, their vanity tables, even their bar carts.

Meet Eloise. On picture, she is one of the most stylish new mommas I've ever seen. In person, she is-- just beyond. I've never seen a first-time mother so put-together. I was instantly smitten as she greets us and tells us she just put her baby daughter to nap, baby-monitor in hand. 

Eloise is based in Toronto, Canada. She comes back home to Manila once a year and stays for over 2 months. She is quick to say that she didn't pack her "shoot"-worthy wardrobe and has pretty much nothing to wear. I found that hard to believe after seeing the outfits she put together for our little session that afternoon(!).

Can you describe yourself in a few sentences.

As a professional, I'm a formal and discerning perfectionist. As a homemaker and mother, I'd say enterprising and proactive. As an individual, I'm strong willed, free spirited, and somewhat of an idealist. 

What is a normal day like for you?

I'm a full time mom and a part time editor so my days primarily revolve around my daughter and my home. Work-related proceedings, interviews, photo shoots, affairs, and what not, are usually scheduled ahead of time, so I'm able to make necessary arrangements. Otherwise, I do most of my writing and editing from home. 

What makes you smile in the morning?

My daughter, Jacinta. 

What is you FASHION/BEAUTY/HOME philosophy?

I'm very hands on when it comes to my home. I don't have any helpers with me but my house is always well kept and well stocked. I plan my meals ahead of time-- from appetizer to dessert-- and I enjoy presenting them well. I use my favourite china and flatware even on an uneventful Tuesday night. Same goes with my dress sense. I like to look polished and put together... even if I'm just running errands.

What are 5 pieces you cannot live without (FASHION/BEAUTY/HOME)?

A cast iron skillet, my spice rack, dressy flats, tailored trousers, and facial moisturizer. 

What is your favorite travel destination? Why?

The Eastern Mediterranean. I love the colours... and the food. Cuba is a runner up--they do everything the old fashioned way, even their mojitos.

What is the one thing you must bring with you when you travel?

My family.

Where do you ‘seek’ for your personal FASHION/BEAUTY/HOME finds?

I love antique stores, local markets, souks, and pop up shops. I also raid my mom's closet. She has pieces tailor made so they're one of a kind and she even embroiders and hand sews little initials into the collars of her button ups. Luckily, we have the same initials. 

What is your most treasured UNIQ find from around the world? Why? 

The Ras el Hanout that I got from a Berber man in Morocco. You see, the spice composition of  Ras el Hanout differs per maker, which means blends vary and may consist of more than 12 different spices. This particular one was absolutely heavenly. I haven't found anything else quite like it. 

What does the word UNIQ mean for you?

Possessing a quality, an interest, a manner, a style, or a facet that is distinct to you... and being able to express it. 

What a delight Eloise and Jacinta are. She makes motherhood look so effortless and so chic. She's very much hands-on with Jacinta and did I mention, she can cook too? She finds pleasure in discovering local produce and whipping up something for her and her family.

I was in quiet awe at how Eloise is able to create an inspired world for herself and her little one. Then I realized the rest of the women we've enlisted are doing exactly the same. 

Your Purveyor of the Uniq,

Mikka Padua
Mikka Padua


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