Viva La Riviera

by Mikka Padua August 13, 2014

As we wrap up our Viva La Riviera collection, I thought we ought to share a little on what goes into every story we do around here. Having worked in the fashion merchandising industry for most of my career life, it is quite a relief to no longer be dominated by trends. Where we are now, we go by our guts and what's currently striking our fancy.. and most often than not-- it's travel and exploration.  

For this collection, I turned to my wanderlusting tendencies and looked back to that day my husband and I spent in Capri and Anacapri, Italy. I remember taking a hydrofoil from Naples to Capri and that amazing ride on an open-top taxi from Marina Grande to Anacapri. I also remember how impeccably dressed the locals were. Save for some tourists, the cobbled stone alleys dotted with little shops looked like a runway for resort season. 

The book I was reading then also ignited creative juices. Beautiful Ruins is beautifully written, easily transporting you to the exotic places and circas the story is set. It talked a lot about the Cinque Terre and the remote cliff-side town of Porto Vergogna. 

Incidentally, we had an abundance of Italian-inspired cookbooks. With the aromas coming from our kitchen, you can tell that inspiration was overflowing to our pantry. Some of our favorites are Recipes from an Italian Summer;

Simply Italian by Cipriani;

and Tuscany by Phaidon.

Even our kitchen accoutrements were speaking Italian. All-time favorite trays are hand painted in olive-themed motifs. They come in coasters, napkins, and condiments caddies too. I guess it's safe to assume that our Italian Riviera energy rubbed off even to our local artisans.

Beyond our desks and kitchens, seeing Dolce & Gabanna's recent Alta Moda show in Capri only validated the Italian vibe we're feeling.

 images via

The images were so captivating, my jaw literally dropped. The decadence and intricacy of the pieces and the drama of the way they were presented (on a rocky outcrop on the island of Capri complete with crushing ocean waves; guests and models arriving by boat lavishly decorated in Sicilian lemons; fireworks; Proseco-- the works!)-- all that and more made the rest of the Haute Couture shows in Paris suddenly seem mundane. 

So miniscule as it may be, our own rendition of Italian Riviera-inspired fashion became relevant at a time when the rage is all about normcore dressing. Because, even when we ourselves at the HQ, succumbed to conventional, nondescript ways of dressing, we still quietly responded to our inner dolce vitas and thankfully, a lot of you did too.

San Remo Dolman Striped Maxi

Sarzana Wrap Dress

La Spezia Striped Maxi Skirt; Lavagna Cropped Lace Blouse

Recco Mixed Print Light Jacket; Campecos Wide-leg Pants

Here's to hoping you enjoyed this collection as much as we did putting it together. 'Til the next one!


Your Purveyor of the Uniq,

Mikka Padua
Mikka Padua


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