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Monogram Etiquette

Elevate the ordinary into something special and unique by branding it with your initials.


Do you remember labeling all your notebooks and supplies before school started? Monograms are the grown up version and is just as fun. It not only adds character to your belongings, but also gives that little extra touch to gifts, keepsakes and accessories. Monogramming items in your home for dining and entertaining also make them feel more personalized and luxurious. Here's how.


For same size initials, just put the first, middle and last initial in that order. This style looks best when embroidered on clothes or for items around the kitchen like this Wooden Cake Stand that could also double as a cheese board. 





For monograms for single people, the initial of the last name is larger and in the middle while the initial of the first name is on the left side of that and the middle initial on the right. This is perfect for things you use in your bedroom and living areas like pillowcases and Sofa Trays.




When monogramming in the same style for a married couple, the initial of the couple’s last name should be larger and in the middle. The first initial of the bride’s name is put first on the left of this and the groom’s first initial on the right of it. Perfect for gifting and look especially well in shared items around the house for entertaining and in the bathroom as shown in this Casita Tissue Cover.  





Whether you’re setting yourself apart by making your mark or considering a personalized gift for someone special, there’s a monogram style for you. Check out our new Bespoke Category and get cracking!


 'Til next time!


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Chia Yulo
Chia Yulo