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DIY Boho Sandals



I often see something for sale and think, "I can make that!", but never actually do. Well times are changing and this project is much too fun to pass up. I promise you it's not that hard. You just need a little patience, a sprinkle of creativity, and a few extra hands help too! Best of all, you get to give those trusty old pair of sandals a second life. 




Get your pompoms and stick them to the fixed strap of your sandals.

Press down gently to make sure your pompoms are secure.

Finish all the way around making sure there are no gaps between pompoms.

Finish all the way around.

 Open the jack ring with your pliers and insert your beads.

String it on to your sandals' laces and close.

Loop your tassel through a high part of your sandals. Make sure it won't touch the ground when worn. 

Add your finishing touches. 

Voila! The coolest pair of sandals you'll ever own. 

Just looking at them makes me so happy!! With footwear this busy, make sure to wear it with the right outfit. 

Your sandals will stand out when worn with bright white!

Wear them high with the Eldoret Playsuit...

...or tie them low with the Ruiru Cutout Top and a pair of white coulettes.

The Velddrif Jumpsuit's neutral color would also pair well with a busy sandal.

 Or go full on boho chic and pair it with the Keffiyeh Oversized Caftan and Rimba Handwoven Basket.

I'm so excited to see the other designs you guys come up with. Just have fun with it!


Happy Crafting! 



Chia Yulo
Chia Yulo