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Summer Survival Kit

by Chia Yulo April 27, 2015

In case you haven't noticed, summer is our favorite time of the year. The sun and sand, bikinis, breezy maxi dresses, and the smell of tanning oil create both a relaxing and invigorating vibe. There's no better time to plan little escapes to recharge those batteries but-- what to pack? Here we give you a peek at our summer essentials that all conveniently fit in our current favorite tote. 

Mikka Padua, Commander-in-Chic

Where am I going this summer?
Going back to India hitting its scenic beaches this time around. A trip to Istanbul is also in the works.
What am I doing this summer?
Getting a good tan and going on spontaneous picnics as much as we can, seeing new places, and soaking in new cultures are all on the agenda not just for summer but all year-round!
My love for all things pineapple continues making this the ultimate summer tote.
If I could have just one bikini this summer this will be it. The easiest to mix and match.
I'll wear this beach side with the white bandeau or to city-sightseeing with a fail-safe chambray button down shirt.
4. Wide Brim Hat
A nice punctuation to any warm-weather outfit.
These Indian slippers bring a pop of color to the otherwise boring all-white ensembles I always pack when traveling.
6. Gold Bangles & JCrew Tassel Earrings
I stick to lightweight gold-tone baubles for summer. They go best with a good tan.
7. Luxe Guide Istanbul 
Dreaming up of new exotic destinations usually involve a good and witty travel guide.
A fresh and powdery scent perfect for summer. I especially like that its small and you can switch up scents when traveling. 
9. Mrs. Lilien's Dessert Cocktail Swatchbook
Summer cannot pass without concocting a signature cocktail with a little help from Mrs. Lilien.

VANESSA, Purveyor of Beauty

Where am I going this summer?

Lazy long weekends at the beach and a trip to Tokyo with the hubby and kids.

What I am doing this summer?

Keeping track of my kids’ summer activities, staying hydrated and cool in this scorching heat, discovering new beauty finds.

1. MUSTELA SPF50 Sunblock

Sun protection that virtually melts into your skin and can be shared by the whole family.

2. GLAMGLOW Supermud

To help heal, clear, and revive my skin after sun exposure.

3. FILLE ET FILS Tropicale Home Scent

To fill our home with a fresh summer scent during these warm, humid days.

4. LAKME Sea Salt Spray

To keep my hair tousled with the beach kissed look all summer.

 5. LAISEVEN Maine Scrub Shower Gel

Exfoliation is a must before any tanning.  This Spanish bath line is one my favorite finds for 2015.  I love the gentle yet efficient scrubbing of this shower gel that has an added cooling factor as well.

6. LOUIS VUITTON Oversized Sunglasses

To protect my eyes from the glaring sun while giving a nod to my former PR stint Vuitton.

 7. BIRKENSTOCK Papillo Gold Gizeh Sandals

My daily footwear of choice this summer.  I searched high and low for a gold pair.  I'm quite proud of my efforts -it goes with everything!


Something fun and easy to read to prepare me to be chill and calm for our upcoming Tokyo trip, without a nanny.

9. Pineapple Weekend Tote

For weekends of exploring and as a fun change from my yoga bag this summer.

10. RAGS2RICHES Stella Clutch

Love that this is the same name as my daughter.  It will be used for summer date night with the hubby … and perhaps lent to Stella for special play dates!

11. Parrot Pink Long Caftan

This is hands down my favorite style of all the STU staples.  The bold pink and red is the perfect punch to refresh my summer wardrobe.

Mariel San Agustin, Purveyor of Home
Where am I going this summer?
I’ve decided to stay in the country for the summer and spend most of the time outdoors with friends and family.
What am I doing this summer ?
Inviting some friends  and family for lots of outdoor get-togethers. A few beach parties out of town, picnics in nearby parks and lounging around our backyard on weekends. I love looking at recipes online so I can’t wait to try some  and serve them to my guests. 
I will definitely be bringing this along in my tote bag.   Since most get-togethers will be spent outdoors, this bed cover can double as a blanket for me and my guests to sit on.  It’s vibrant colors are perfect for the summer season. Keeps things tidy and protects us from insects on the ground.
I’m sure most people use paper napkins while having an outdoor party, but who says we can’t use these colorful linen napkins with hand crocheted details?  We should still continue to add some fun in our entertaining essentials even if it’s a quick getaway. 
These crocheted napkin rings made by Gawad Kalinga beneficiaries add a punch to these linen napkins I plan to bring with me. It’s summery colors go well with the outdoor theme get-together I plan to throw.
I'm adding a personalized touch to my entertaining essentials.  I’ve chosen some of these bespoke trays for each of my guests to use as plates for the food I’ll be preparing.  They each get to bring home these bespoke trays as a giveaway too!
Since space will be an issue, this long and narrow tray will serve all the finger foods I will be bringing with me.  I’ve chosen the lime green shade to go well with the rest of my things.
Don’t forget your ice bucket to serve cold drinks to your guests. With the scorching heat, this is definitely one item you wouldn’t want to go with out.
This is the perfect outfit if you’re playing the hostess with the mostest.  It’s fabric is thin and airy  to wear this season plus stylish and chic for a fun outdoor party.
I’m accessorizing my Cobija playsuit with these emerald drop earrings.  It’s been a staple for me recently especially when I want to add some color to my outfits.
Spraying this on myself and sharing it with my guests.  We need to avoid having all these insect bites while enjoying some bonding time with them.
Protecting my skin from harmful rays and avoiding a painful sunburn in the process.   A must-have! 
11. Pineapple Tote
I don’t think I can store everything in just one bag so I plan to bring a couple of these Pineapple Totes to throw a fun and creative outdoor party for friends and family.  Loving the Pineapple print to match the summer season.
Bliss Mabini, Creative Head

Where am I going this summer?

Planning on checking out Palawan. Yes… I’ve never been there.

What am I doing this summer ?

Top of mind? Getting a tan. I’m too white. I wasn’t able go to the beaches here in the Philippines last year, so that’s my goal this time


I never leave the house without a scarf, it’s a necessity for me. If it’s at the beach, I use it either as a mat to lie down on during the day, or as a cover up when it gets chilly at night. If it gets too sunny in the mornings, I use it to cover my face to prevent my forehead from getting burnt.


A colorful and fashion worthy cover up is a must for me to hide my, uhm, curves.


In case I need to spruce up a beach outfit for a night out.


As advised by our beauty purveyor, The Vain Mama, I’m using Bliss Fat Girl The Love Handler to firm my waist and hips while I do my summer workouts to prep for the beach trips.

5. The Happiness Project Book

To keep me company while I tan!


These sandals definitely goes with anything.

 7. You Had Me at Aloha Tote

A huge bag to dump everything I will need to hit the beach. It’s also easy to pack in my luggage since it’s soft and foldable.

Chia, Purveyor-at-Large
Where am I going?
Batangas, Bohol, Bacolod, Baguio, and Balesin.
What am I doing?

This summer, I have a lot of beach trips planned for a little R&R with friends and a couple of beach weddings, too! I definitely need a tan so that's a top priority.

1. Naranjo Striped Retro Maillot

At times I feel like I need a bit more coverage, this one piece wonder has lines in all the right places.

2. Blue and White Bohemian Maxi

Light and airy in my favorite colors for a beach wedding or walking around an island to explore.

3. Straw Hat 

To protect my hair and face from the scorching sun.

4. Renegade Folk Sandals

I like the thin leather straps and the colors go with anything.

5. Lapis Lazuli and Pearl Statement Earrings

When I have to look a bit more dressed up, I grab a pair of statement earrings. Works every time.

6. Jaipur Semi-Precious Stone Brass Bangle

I'm layering them on for full boho effect.

7. Lucas Papaw Ointment

I carry this around with me all the time. It's perfect for chapped lips, small cuts, bites and burns. Yes, I am prone to all that.

8. Snoe Here Comes the Suntan Instant Glow

To build and maintain my gradual tan.

9. Camera

I like taking pictures and with so many weddings this summer, there are lots of memories to capture with friends I hardly see now.

10. Herbacin Set 

My cousin who was a flight attendant introduced me to this cream and so far, I haven't found anything as moisturizing and velvety. It absorbs quickly and smells clean.

11. Bon Weekend Tote

It's roomy enough for everything I need and I like the thick leather straps. The design just makes me happy!


What are your essentials for a great summer? 


Your Purveyor-at-Large,

Chia Yulo
Chia Yulo


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