TOP 10 Beauty Series | Cathy Cantada-Dizon

by Vanessa Santos September 27, 2015

Were you able to guess our second beauty maven? We are honored to have acclaimed make-up artist, Cathy Cantada-Dizon, for volume 2 of our TOP 10 Beauty Series.

Cathy started doing makeup professionally back in 2005.  She trained in London at the Glauca Rossi School of Makeup for Fashion and Photography back in 2004. She is now a freelance makeup artist focused on personal clients and weddings. She also has a passion venture called Sparrow Fragrances, which we are proud to have helped launch on the site.

Cathy shares her personal beauty philosophy: "Aside from my career, I am also wife of 7 years to one of the men behind 13 Lucky Monkey Silversmiths, and mother to my 6-year old son. Beauty and wellness are definitely important factors in a mom's life.  We need to keep ourselves looking and feeling healthy everyday.  Even if life gets too busy, we should always remember to take care of ourselves." 

 This is an outlook I share with her as well. Here are Cathy's Top 10 beauty picks from the site:

I absolutely love these Ofra liquid lipsticks.  The color is so vibrant on my lips and it really stays on.  I also like the velvety finish. This color in particular is perfect for everyday to match my smokey eyes.


I cannot live without this in my makeup kit.  This is the perfect ointment to apply on my clients' lips before I do their makeup.  Keeps the lips from chapping and drying.  It also preps the lips for lipstick application. I love that this ointment can also be used for dry skin and wounds.  It's an all around ointment that's good to have in your home.


I am addicted to yoga and indoor cycling. I use this healing cream not only before and after yoga practice but also every night to relax my muscles especially in the lower back and shoulder area. It gives you that cool/minty feeling and relieves muscle pain and stress.  I also love the smell of chamomile.
This awesome eyeliner is waterproof and smudge proof.  It can withstand a hot day without smudging!  So amazing :) I love using this when my clients request for smokey eyes.  I'm confident that it won't smudge even if they tear/cry or sweat.
Mascara instantly adds life to the eyes.  And this mascara from Eye of Horus gives more volume and length without clumping or smearing.
I love using this beauty oil not only on my face and body to give moisture but also on my hair. It softens and conditions my hair like a leave on conditioner and I love the smell of lavender on my skin.
I love using this bronzer from Guerlain.  It suits all skin tones and gives a very subtle contour for the cheeks and a nice dewy glow.
These precision tips are so useful.  I sometimes use these to clean up nail polish when I color my nails myself.  It also helps clean up eye makeup when it smudges or can be a tool to help in applying liquid liner for that perfect "flick".
This is a great product for that natural blush and lip tint. Just a small amount blended into the cheeks can instantly brighten the face. A great product to use especially when you're rushing in the morning, so easy to apply.

 This is my favorite everyday fragrance. The scent of grapefruit and green tea keeps me feeling fresh and uplifted.

Cathy's choices are borne of her experience as a professional make-up artist and mother. Check them out on our Beauty Category. Till next month...


Your Purveyor of Beauty,



Vanessa Santos
Vanessa Santos


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