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by Vanessa Santos December 28, 2015


Our beauty persona for this month is Cristina Madara  - a certifed image consultant, makeup artist, and entrepreneur. Cris is a beauty vlogger as well, sharing her reviews on products and techniques via her YouTube channel. She has worked with multiple luxury beauty brands and currently consults for local brands as well.

Her passion lies in sharing her knowledge through workshops & private consultations, teaching her technique of Face Wardrobing. In 2014 she launched CBeauty Universal Oils, which is one of the first lines we carried on STU Beauty.

Here are Cris's TOP 10 beauty favorites from the site:
  1. BENEFIT Real Tease Mascara and Eye Liner Set


This mascara and eyeliner line of They’re Real from Benefit is truly something that everyone should have. They’re real mascara is a mascara that constantly makes it way to my top drawer as a daily go-to; and the liner is highly pigmented for a very defined look.



  1. GUERLAIN Meteorites


Another benchmark from the brand, this has truly illustrated what a finely milled refined powder should be. It is not cakey or ever too much. It is an amazing product for perfecting the skin as a finishing touch. It may be pricey but again well worth it. It will last forever and its finish is incomparable.



  1. UP&UP Serum


This is both a skin refiner and primer. I particularly like using this when I anticipate long days with make up as it acts as an amazing base for the skin and reduces creases throughout the day.


  1. GLAMGLOW Super Clearing Treatment


This is a go-to treatment when I get the occasional breakout or my skin is just in SOS mode. It is the one product that I literally feel declogs my pores without stripping it dry.



  1. JACK BLACK Intense Lip Therapy Balm


One of my top lip holy grail lip balms- not only does it moisturize the lip so beautifully it plays well with other lip products without feathering. It has SPF and is a great base to lip products.


  1. CIATE Caviar Nail Polish


This brand is known specifically for its caviar nail polishes which I think is a lovely way to add more style to your nail game without looking like you’re trying to hard. It is nail art for the refined and classy and their beads are just so elegantly understated. I love layering this over nude shades.


  1. CBEAUTY Universal Oils

This is the one product I always have and could never do without again. It as replaced lotion for me since it is infinitely more effective and superior than any over the counter product that you can get. After feeling the oils for the first time you will understand why. I use them for various purposes but love them all equally- each combination presents a specific purpose for which it is good for: Chamomile to soothe, Ylang-Ylang to smooth, Citronella to protect and Lavender to rejuvenate. I could not live without my Better way to Moisturize!



  1. CBEAUTY PREMIUM ‘Take It Off' Pre-Cleansing Balm


This removes everything from the skin before cleansing. Pre-Cleansing is a crucial part of every night skincare routine but more often than not is not done or neglected. By using Take it off one effectively removes makeup, skincare, dirt and smog that is sitting on the skin before the use of a cleanser in order to allow the cleanser to effectively truly clean the skin & pores as it should. It is similar to removing your clothes before you bathe. You cannot effectively wash yourself if you have all the clothes you have had on for the day. Take it Off literally means take your whole Face Wardrobe off.


  1. CBEAUTY PREMIUM Muslin Cloth


Take it off is paired with a simple all natural beauty tool as well, the CBeauty Muslin Cloth- used with the Take it Off pre-cleanse balm it removes makeup, skincare and impurities while gently exfoliating the skin.   It is an instant face wardrobe remover.


     10. CBEAUTY PREMIUM 'The Glow' Moisturizer


    The Glow is literally the ultimate facial elixir with Rosehip Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Tsubaki Oil, Maracuja Oil, Avocado Oil, Orange Oil & Eucalyptus. The last step before turning in at night it sips deep into your skin layers while in the process of its natural night rejuvenation. Using this product allows one to wake up to glowing skin and used repeatedly refines pores and minimizes wrinkles and fine lines.  Alternatively, incorporating a drop in your morning skin routine allows for a beautiful glow throughout the day and a more long lasting face wardrobe.


    We are proud of this enterprising lady and how her passion for beauty has evolved over the years. (Thank you Cris for making STU part of your journey.) Join us as we experience "the better way to moisturize".


    Happy Holidays!


    Your Purveyor of Beauty,





    Vanessa Santos
    Vanessa Santos


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