A Seeker’s Guide to Gift-giving and receiving

by Anne Bella December 01, 2017

The holidays for every retailer out there is the busiest time of the year and we at STU are no exception. But we couldn't let the season pass without our annual gift guide picks for ourselves and for the people we hold near and dear---including you, our dear Seekers. This year we decided to do it by personality because, let's face it, there are more than one colorful person in your tribe and often you get stuck as to what to gift them. So we did the thinking for you and hopefully, this makes shopping fun and a breeze. After all, don't you want to put all focus on the more important things like planning all your party outfits (and making sure you look your best in all the pics)! We've got those covered in the store, too, BTW. Here are our staff picks for the best stocking stuffers this Christmas! 

Our resident #girlboss leaves nothing to chance, from ringing in the new year in polkas, to planning her 2018 agendas, to mixing the perfect cocktail. This boss lady knows herself and her posse like the back of her manicured hand, so expect uber thoughtful gifts from the leader of the pack.

1. Cobbler shaker 2. Classic tin shaker 3. Nastro cork screw 4. Camoapa polka dot skirt. 5. Salsa block heel sandals 6. Earrings 7. Cadentia cologne 8. Cadentia cologne 9. Floral planner 10. Philo  placemat 11. Vanessa  clutch 12. Tape measure 13. Kaayo Tangkulo scarf. 

She’s carefree, unconventional and the epitome of a “cool mom”. Life’s a beach around her—literally, as she navigates her days in breezy caftans, bright prints and splashes of seaside accessories for holidays in and out of the city.

1. Chloe  hat 2. Riyaz  cover up 3. Palm  tote 4. Baby Bum  lotion 5. Anahide  slides 6. Ensenda  pillow cover 7. Sofia  earrings 8. Balquemo  embroidered cape 9. Madame Heng  soap set 10. Nagpur  vintage clutch 11. Bulgarian Rose  face tonic 12. Rebecca circle  straw bag 13. Rajkot net bag. 

The girl who’ll try anything once, sartorially-wise. Unexpected styling is always the name of the game like pairing a racer stripe jumpsuit with velvet block heels and a statement straw bag. Expectedly however, gift-giving always comes with a personal touch.

1. Safari buri hat 2. Felicia sofa tray 3. Tromso denim jumpsuit 4. Las Penitas caftan 5. Cadentia cologne 6. Fenina earrings 7. Gumamela earrings 8. Phina face toner 9. Cadentia cologne 10. Margarita tote 11. Salsa sandals. 

Minimalist, intelligent, mindful yet still feminine pieces that add a dash of androgyny to your ruffle-abundant wardrobe. Break on through to the sleeker side and embrace change this Christmas, in time to welcome a brand new year.   

1. Zoriba woven bag 2. Oracle cleff necklace 3. Activate charcoal face mask 4. Rabat waste bin 5. Rita loafer mule 6. Beach Born sea salt spray 7. Cuerda knotted bracelet 8. Ella long sleeved button down 9. Tala abaca slip-ons 10. Androgyne jogger pants 11. Banja embroidered shirt 

It’s #YOLO all the way for this chicka, as if everyday is one big party. Twenty somethings are unapologetic in their choices, be it fashion, home accoutrements and make-up. No shortage of quirk and personality, perfect for standing out this party season.

1. Waku  jacket 2. Hampton  heels 3. Bapu  keychain 4. Constanza  maillot 5. Orelano  clutch 6. Cadentia  anti-mosquito spray 7. Jharna  notebook 8. Tusla  block print dress 9. Pixie   tint & gloss 10. Tangle Angel  brush 11. Jewelry  box 12. Krisanisi  tie-front dress

This artist doesn’t shy away from special details like one-of-a-kind prints, denim and texture for as long as she can express herself. You can always count on something out of the box from this one that’s anything but boring.

1. Stolac  paper bag jeans 2. Sun Bum  sunscreen 3. Cabana  trinket tray 4. Kolonnawa  cut-out dress 5. Zaragoza  scarf 6. S.C. Vizcarra  office organizer 7. Lucas Papaw  ointment 8. Ikat  gift cards 9. Diana  acrylic earrings 10. Spritz cologne 11. Spritz room spray 12. Aye  chain strap clutch.

Loves to experiment with anything she gets her hands on, and the more unique, the better! A fruity clutch, statement earrings, bling and super beauty products is just the frosting on her very intriguing cake.

1. Catch-all tray 2. Electra  sandals 3. Uneven hem  pants 4. Snoe cleansing conditioner 5. Stolac  jeans 6. Pom pom belt 7. Tonsberg  open back top 8. Earrings 9. Half-moon watermelon clutch. 

Goes gaga for all the parties she’s attending (and planning), even poolside-ready with a cover-up and coordinates, because you’ll never know when lightning will strike so best be prepared. Giving-wise, she’s got it all covered with woven accessories and then some for a tropical touch.

1-2. Kochbani top and shorts set 3. Luisa earrings 4. Nenita abaca sling backs 5. Rebecca straw bags 6. Fabiana bikini 7. Palm planner 8. Phina's factory scrub 9. Earrings, Yucastina. 10. Pineapple dish.

Takes nesting seriously in comfy yet stylish hostess attire, making sure every detail is just so, down to the knobs of her cabinets up to the danglers in her lobes. Receiving a parcel from her is always a home run!

1. Tulum plate charger 2. Luena ruffled maxi dress 3. Jharna handmade notebook 4. Iznajar top and skirt set 5. Athena sandals 6. Waterlily bag 7. Marble white placemat and coaster set  8. Jharna notebook 9. Nobsa ceramic knobs 10. Frida earrings 11. Bagru catch all tray 12. Fille et Fils cologne 13. Nobsa ceramic knobs 14. Phina's face mask kit.

Lives life with the discipline of an athlete: everything is covered from the mind, body and soul. Mindful choices with all-natural ingredients that are kind to your skin coupled with a multi-functional bodysuit are just some of the surprises in store under her tree.

1. Tori sporty swim set 2. Vallehermoso hot plates 3. Pixi Sun Mist 4. Cabana container 5. Mytagalongs water bottle 6. Monet bodysuit 7. Givenchy face powder 8. Zenutrients massage oil 9. Yoga straps 10. Flordeliza wrap sandals 11. Zenutrients face cream wash.

He knows the ins and outs of the local industry and dresses the part like it’s summer all-year long (because it is in this neck of the woods!). Comfort is top priority, side by side with a chic home base and easy accessories you’ll want to covet. 

1. Androgyne robe 2. Androgyne mix print shorts 3. Mix print shirt 4. Geometric planner 5. Maui babe browning lotion 6. Botad net bag 7. Tulum serving tray 8. Sydney fedora. 

A very happy holidays from all of us at STU! Happy Shopping, Seekers! 






Anne Bella
Anne Bella


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