A Seeker's Spin: Donna

by Anne Bella September 05, 2017

For as long as I've known Donna Cuna Pita, 15 years to be exact, her long, lithe frame has always been her trademark. She was newly married then and even after two kids who are now in their teens, not a shadow of mom bod in sight. She was the quintessential Cosmo girl---stylish, smart, sassy and everyone loved her wicked sense of humor that remains the same after all these years. If you follow her IG and Facebook, you'd be privy to her home construction journey which made me doubly excited to work with her again; I'll get to see her new home and catch up with an old friend. Needless to say, we had a blast! 

Donna's airy, breezy living room is bathed in natural light with antique furniture that's been handed down from family. 

The clothes we brought were smashing once styled (as expected) and the fashion editor in her came to life for a day. "Since moving here, my outfits have become very casual. I live in shorts and tees! I'm thinking of retiring even more of my heels. The transition wasn't easy at first and I would still buy clothes for events or shows. Six months later and they're still hanging in my closet. I definitely need to edit more but this is something I welcome. I really want to live with less." Must be the effect of moving to the suburbs or getting older, either way, I can relate. I picked her brain on all things fashion plus a tip or two you can pick up from a pro. 

Top three fashion tips you learned while working in the industry? 

1. Know your body and lifestyle and choose a style that suits both.
2. You can't look good if you're not comfortable.
3. Know when to scrimp and know when to splurge. Scrimp on trendy items and splurge on good-quality pieces.

Styling hacks you swear by?

1. Small tweaks and details here and there make a huge difference. A casually rolled up sleeve, a front tuck, bold earrings, or statement shoes can make even the simplest outfits stand out.

2. Items should fit well. Tailor or alter if needed.

Has the Pinay evolved fashion-wise since your magazine days or do we have a long way to go? 

I think the Pinay has changed so much! We used to be so self conscious, always worried about what other people would say or think. The younger Filipina is a lot bolder now and brave. We still have a tendency to celebrate conformity, though. We aim to look good but in the same way that others look good. 

How does one find their personal style and can it change or are we all bound to a uniform? 

Some people are lucky to know their personal style early on while others need more time. There's no timetable to follow but always approach it with honesty. Be true to what feels good on you and what represents you. What do your clothes say about you? Is this the message you want to convey?

I think personal style should evolve, just as any person changes over time. We all have that tita or lola who got stuck in that era when she was at her prime with the coiffed hair and matching accessories. Stay true to your essence but be open to change.

Donna gives the Kwai full skirt an old-world feel by pairing it with a fitted jacket and cinching the waist, reminiscent of Dior's New Look. 

Ready for a weekend sojourn via the Errachida semi cropped top paired with classic white shorts and punchy accessories. 

Ever the sexy domestic goddess in the Jakobstad button down skirt. This outfit looks cute with sneakers too! 

The distressed hem tempers the girlishness and gives it an edge. 

Buttons on the back are the unexpected surprise. 

Paying homage to the early 2000s preppy/boho trend starring our ever popular Penola wrap skirt.  

Donna wears it with her own printed clutch, a cool way to do print on print without going OTT. 

Going all-out printed with the Roskilde crop top and her polka dot skirt; because of the colors and sizes of the prints, it works seamlessly together. 

A study in print-mixing from a pro. 

What else can you do with a long sleeved dress? Wear it as a tube top! The Veraval dress gets the makeover of its life. 

Wear it with a statement necklace to avoid looking too bare on top. 

Until the next inspiring Seeker! 



Anne Bella
Anne Bella


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