In Case You Missed ArteFino: Our Curated Finds (Pop-In Extended!)

by Japs Medina September 05, 2018

In Case You Missed ArteFino: Our Curated Finds (Pop-In Extended!)

ArteFino has come and gone but luckily, our handpicked items are here to stay. If you missed the opportunity to seek great local finds last weekend, fret not – we got you covered.

Gorgeous Anthill pieces marry modern silhouettes and traditional weaves

Seek the Uniq is the official online partner for this year's fair

To the unfamiliar, ArteFino celebrates the Modern Filipino and the Artist-Entrepreneur. This unique platform sees Philippine artisanal crafts in a progressive light, marrying modernity and tradition through different applications for Filipino indigenous materials.

A beautiful display of crates and woven products greets you at the door

Upon arriving at the Penthouse in 8 Rockwell, a beautiful display of crates and woven products welcome you at the front. A dizzying array of beautiful artisanal crafts sprawls over the entire floor, showcasing everything from fashion to home and yes, even to food.

Rows and rows of artisanal shops showcase local talent

ArteFino boasts of some of the country’s established artist-entrepreneurs and enterprises including Rhett Eala, Rags2Riches, Filip+Inna, Rosanna Ocampo and Zarah Juan. What’s most interesting about the fair, however, is discovering the up and coming designers who hold their craft to an equally high premium.

Zarah Juan showcases beaded beauties at ArteFino

Zarah Juan's Marahuyo bag in blue

Zarah Juan has been known in the industry for their creative use of indigenous materials that are also very wearable. The brand has perfected the craft of striking a balance between the old and new, breathing new life into the words “modern Filipino”.

Lilianna Manahan shares a creative corner with Rosanna Ocampo

Up and coming designer Lilianna Manahan combined commercial upholstery and hand-woven fabrics to create her gorgeous Wilbur stools. She also produced other quirky pieces such as beaded lizards on pillowcases, unique hand-painted vases, and her own postcard artworks on canvas totes.

Close-up detail on Lilianna Manahan's Wilbur Pillow

Lilianna Manahan combines commercial upholstery and hand-woven fabrics from the Yakan and Blue Mountain Inabel

Marsse might look like a traditional wooden craft store at first glance, but don’t let first impressions deceive you - a closer look shows a passion to bring wooden products to the next level of artisan. Marsse creates beautiful products using the Lichtenberg wood burning technique, which is a special process using electricity producing one-of-a-kind fractal patterns.

Marsse brings their sustainably-farmed Gmelina wood from Pangasinan to 8 Rockwell

The brand prides in their Lichtenberg woodburning technique which uses electricity to produce fractal patterns

Expectedly, the ladies went crazy over intricate clothing that showcased generations of Filipino creativity. Brands like Anthill and Interweave married modern silhouettes with traditional weaves. 

Interweave showcases traditional patterns in scarves

ArteFino puts the spotlight on local finds in a lush setup

Seek our full collection of handpicked ArteFino items here. The Pop In is extended until 9 Sept, Sunday!

Japs Medina
Japs Medina


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