(Stay) At Home with Vicky Marchadesch

by Japs Medina April 18, 2020

(Stay) At Home with Vicky Marchadesch

STU's home purveyor gives the team an exclusive tour of her newly-styled home

Vicky Marchadesch is not a stranger to building homes from scratch. After refurbishing a new home following a natural disaster in 2009, she finds herself moving into a new space yet again in recent months. If there is one thing that didn’t change between then and now, it’s this: Vicky is all sorts of sparks and sparkles when her larger-than-life personality meets empty spaces.

Upon meeting Vicky, a curiosity about her home naturally follows. She is the kind of person who doesn’t let black outfits stay black – she spices them up with frivolous necklaces, skull accessories, and whatever unique items she can get her hands on. The combination is peculiar at first thought but with her, they always turn out fresh. The outfit wearing the wearer? Such a statement does not exist in her world. Naturally, we wanted to see how this would translate into her home.

In this lockdown-exclusive post, STU’s home purveyor opened her doors to give us a peek into her very own casa. Get to know Vicky as she stays at home and practices her own vibrant and unique way of social distancing.

If Vicky could take one piece from her home with her, it would be a colored sketch of her mother from Paris

Who are the people who influence your interior style?

I am influenced by places more than people (ex. flea markets, souks) and exotic countries (ex. Morocco, Myanmar). But to name a few style influences -- Justina Blakeney (Jungalow), Eddie Ross (Modern Mix) and Anna Spiro (Anna Spiro Textile Designs).

We know that you have an affinity for skull pieces. Is there a story behind that?

Collections often happen by accident. I find myself drawn to a certain kind of item every time I travel or out shopping, in this case, it’s colorful skulls from Mexico. The collection just sort of grew from there. Plus I was a bit of a punk rocker in my younger years (pink hair and lots of ear piercings!), so I was drawn to it even more.

What is your favorite city to shop in for your home?

Not one particular favorite. I buy something for the home every time I travel to remind me of the place, the time we visited and the memories we’ve created. I love that everything has a story.

Despite being a maximalist, Vicky subtly picks a few focal pieces for her spaces

What is the best bargain you’ve ever gotten? 

Our whole home is already a bargain! Most, if not all, of the pieces in our home are either thrifted or gifted. But the notables are, first, the round dining table (10-seater) from a friend who sold it to us for a song. And I once got several big furniture pieces and appliances at an “everything must go” price from an expat who relocated and left everything here in Manila. Cali-King size bed, lamps, a/c units, tables, side tables, chairs and two huge armoires. Luckily, I’m very big on upcycling.

We noticed that you hold to the “order in chaos” aesthetic. Any tips for those who want to style their home in a similar manner?

I think the more appropriate question is, would anyone want to style their home in a similar manner?? Hehe. 😂 Really, it’s not for the faint of heart. Just maybe live in the place to really learn about the space before you start decorating.

Vicky describes her aesthetic as "nothing matching, everything clashing"

If you could change something in your home, what would it be and why?

I wish I tackled the pocket garden project earlier (i.e, before ECQ!). We could have enjoyed the great outdoors more in this time of lockdown.

Did you also design your son Sancho’s room? If yes, did you have difficulty navigating through his personal preferences and the overall home aesthetic you were going for?

Oh, believe me, I tried! But mom (and dad) are off-limits from our 19-year old’s room. That’s why there’s no picture of his space. Good thing he is a bit OC so his room is very clean and organized. He makes his own bed every morning and gives it a good sweeping and dusting often!

The master bedroom is tastefully decorated with warm and cool tones

If you were stuck on an island and could only take one decorative piece from your home, what would it be? (Furniture and tablescapes included)

Just one?? Then it would be my mom’s colored pencil sketch portrait from Paris in the 70s.

When you have people over, how do you entertain them?

We entertain a lot. Though not for fancy dinners, usually just for happy hour or after-dinner drinks. Wine & cheese, G&T nights, beer and pizza. As long as the bar cart is full, we’re good!

Where the magic happens: Vicky's personal nook is her little creativity lab

What’s your favorite meal to cook and why?

Sadly, I spend the least time in the kitchen. My domestic goddess-ness lies mostly in decorating, entertaining and styling. Much to my boys’ dismay ☹

Plants or flowers?

Plants all over the house. Cut flowers for tablescapes. 

An interesting curtain greets Vicky's guests in the powder room

What’s on your playlist right now?

I often go back to my reliables— 70s’ disco, 80’s new wave and 90’s alternative: Dishwalla, Oasis, EBTG, U2, Simply Red, Coldplay. For get-togethers, I rely on my partner, Joey. He enjoys being DJ of the night.

Japs Medina
Japs Medina


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