Bouncing Back From The Holidays

by Vanessa Santos December 24, 2016

Bouncing Back From The Holidays


CIC Mikka Padua and I at a recent party with friends.

Christmas can be the best of times…and the worst of times. The flurry of parties, eating, shopping, getting glammed up, and one too many cocktails are fun but exhausting.

Here are some ideas to get you back in the game, once the (Christmas) dust has settled:

    Put Your Feet Up.

      Prancing around in heels are more painful that we’d care to admit. Soothe those calves with a foot massage and a cooling leg gel. Make this break work double time with a home facial too.


      Mustela Light Legs Cooling Gel, Jade Roller, & Marula Oil


      Catch Up on those ZZZs.

      A Netflix marathon plus a good 8-10 hours of sleep is just what the doctor ordered. Dreamland is where your mind and body restores its balance.

      Fae Vendillon Candle, ItWorks Deep Sleep Night Oil, & Pixi Beauty Sleep Cream


        Get Moving.

          Once you’ve regained some strength, its time to get those endorphins flowing. Get off that couch and hit the gym, salute the sun, spin... anything that gets you back on your feet.

          Neon Hoodies & Sweaty Bands Love Triangle Headband

          Yoga RatPad, YogaRat Sportlite Towel, & Sparrow Dristhi Mat Spray


            Slim & Trim. STAT.

              Burn those calories with tried and tested creams. Sorry, these aren’t Christmas miracles of any sort. But combined with some restraint and exercise (see idea number 2), you WILL see faster results.


              Mustela Body Firming Cream, Bliss FatGirl Six Pack, & SO2C Firming Cream


                Get Away.

                  Nothing will help your recover faster than some salt in your hair and sand in your toes.


                  Sun Bum Sun Block Lotion SPF 15, Sun Bum Sea Salt Spray, Amazing Maui Babe Browning Lotion, & Amazing Maui Babe After Sun Tan Enhancer


                  BeachBorn Sea Salt Spray, BeachBorn Sunset Spray, & Yoshima Sporty Swim


                    Shop … For Yourself.

                      If all else fails, retail therapy always works like a charm. After shopping for those you love, its time to treat yourself to some TLC.

                      Phina Rose Water Toner, Phina Healing Face Serum, Conscious Coconut, & GlamGlow Thirstymud Mask


                      December is almost over. Good luck. Godspeed. And let's rock the holidays away!


                      Your Purveyor of Beauty & Wellness,


                      Vanessa Santos
                      Vanessa Santos


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