Habitación: Meraki Brings Our Safari Dreams to Life

by Japs Medina April 25, 2019

Meraki leaves no stones untouched and no corners unstyled

"Meraki. [may-rah-kee]:

The soul, creativity, or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work.”

The start of 2019 concluded a successful run of Seek the Uniq's own guide shop Habitación. We're not quite sure what it is - perhaps we fell in love with meeting Seekers face-to-face, or perhaps it was really just the beauty of the space itself - but we couldn't stay away for too long. Habitación officially came back, this time bringing with it the beautiful message of Meraki.

A beautiful ivory bathtub greets seekers from the beauty section

Follow the greens and you won't miss the lush guide shop

Styled meticulously (and brimming with love at that), this space is in honor of Seek the Uniq's boss chief Mikka Padua who is the epitomé of Meraki - she wears her heart on her sleeve, and by that we mean a literal sleeve. Her unrivaled attention to detail stems from her pouring out of her soul, creativity, and love into her work.

Lovingly sought artifact replicas line the corners of the space

Our decorative pieces are sought from skilled artisans

Taking from Habitación's love for all things greenery, Meraki follows suit with a collection of indoor plants that would impress the most enthusiastic of the enthusiasts. 

This time, however, we decide to crank up the warm hues a few notches. An awe-striking wash of clay colors greets the Seeker upon stepping into Meraki. Wooden details, dried foliage, and stone accessories enhance the intended atmosphere for the space.

Warm tones bring the outdoors in

A giant painting and wooden details make our home pieces blend right in

As always, Seekers are more than welcome to browse or even just to hang out and meet the team. Lounge on our stylish chairs with a delicious cup of coffee from Curious Coffee. You can find them behind the gorgeous peach counter near the entrance. (Tip: their brownies are to die for.)

Various warm-toned prints bring the space to life

Great coffee can be found behind this beautiful matte peach counter

We're huge fans of OOTD's so if you feel like taking a photo at the space for the 'Gram, you can even ask our team to help you out. Don't forget to use the hashtag #seektheuniqmeraki so we can check out your Pinterest-worthy shots!

Invite your friends and enjoy an afternoon (or two) on our lounge setup

Meraki will only be around until the end of April so do drop by and give us a hello. We'd love to meet you!

Find us at the ground floor of Power Plant Mall's new wing. You can't miss us!


Japs Medina
Japs Medina


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