by Patricia Prieto August 31, 2017

Many think that mixing prints may be a task or tricky, but with enough practice and patience you’ll be surprised that mixing prints will definitely be something that will open a lot of fashionable doors for you. With that said, here are some print on print tips and tricks you might want to keep in mind..
 There is one very important tip to follow while mixing your favorite prints: stay in the same color family. As long as the prints have at least one color in common, you can use contrasting colors. Remember: Match colors, not prints. If the colors look good together, then it’s always fun and cool to create new outfits with bright patterns.
(We mixed a gingham set with the Kuhmo 3-Piece Pajama Set)
 Not ready to work with bigger prints? Well then balance the prints with each other, take baby steps. For example, if your skirt has a larger floral print, wear it with a shirt that has a skinnier or smaller print. If the top has wider stripes, wear a skirt that has small florals. It’s okay to start small and eventually work your way up before going all out.
 Wearing two large prints may seem a bit overwhelming, but it’s all about balancing it out. Besides, there’s no written rule that mixing larger prints are a bad idea. So if you’re ready to give this a shot, make sure to stick to working with two prints at most when you do this. A good example would be this larger gingham style and some florals; this mix makes the outfit look modern yet girly at the same time. Just make sure to keep your accessories very minimal!
Now, time to mix some prints! Experiment and try something new.

Patricia Prieto
Patricia Prieto


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