Moms We Love: Vanessa Mayuga-Santos

by Japs Medina May 11, 2019

Vanessa Mayuga-Santos dotes on her little star, Stella

As STU’s very own beauty and movement momma, Vanessa Mayuga-Santos has a reputation of going the extra mile while still enjoying her work. This lovable trait of hers is mirrored in the upbringing of her daughter and mini-me, Stella.

A quick exchange with Stella tells us that she is wise beyond her years. But when it comes to sharing her treats, the 9-year-old in her dominates. Vanessa shares that this is one of her favorite things about her daughter: that she can stand her own ground and be a responsible ate to her younger brother Cisco, but still be mommy’s little baby girl in her more vulnerable moments.

Vanessa shared four precious truths (and some pretty adorable photos) about her daughter, Stella.

1. The surprising thing about my daughter is...

More than being a mom, a sisterhood is in order between a mother and daughter

Fun fact: Vanessa is STU's very own beauty and movement momma

2. If I were to spend a mother-daughter weekend with her, I would...

Stella handpicked this gray dress with embroidered banana leaves for Vanessa

Like momma, like daughter: Stella shows off her penchant for pretty things

3. I love it when she...

Bananas over banana leaves: Stella picked out a second outfit from our plantation story

4. The best part of being her mom is...

Japs Medina
Japs Medina


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